My attempt on making swiss roll - not successful

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you ever tried making a cake and it didn't turned out just right...or lopsided or texture problem or any other problem that may rise when making a cake???

well don't ya worry...i occasionally have that problem, not always an excellent baker...especially when it comes to sponge the above...i was trying to make a swiss roll with fresh cream and strawberry bits... but everything went wrong and here's why...

  1. i used wrong baking tin which made it thinner and shorter than it supposed to be
  2. as for the filling, i forgot to add in gelatin so the fillings did not hold as it supposed to be
Taste wise; cake: surprisingly not bad only its kinda chewy and not too sweet for a cake (my son loves it so who cares) , fillings: regardless of the gelatin, its still taste good.

not too worry i shall make another attempt on making the swiss roll and this time i'll make it right!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, if it was served to me, I'd still eat it!