Indonesian Dish - Vegetables & Prawns in Lodeh Gravy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sayur Lodeh or Vegetables & Prawns in Lodeh Gravy is actually a common Indonesian dish that takes from a soup (but this does not serve as a soup). the veges and the gravy are poured over a steaming hot rice and accompanied by other side dishes such as Ayam Masak Merah/Chicken in red gravy, or spiced fried chicken etc...

to be honest, i ran out of ideas on what to cook for dinner (and hubby MUST eat rice) so in search of ideas i went on to browse my trusty old cook book that i've been compiling from friends, paper cuttings, mama's recipes, grandma's recipes tips and so on from alot of people....and this book seriously look like crappy scrapbook with drawings and ugly handwritings (apparently my handwriting changed through out the years)....hehehe~ can't believe i wrote it all down complete with footnotes... anyway i found this recipe and it seem just perfect with what i have in my fridge...

so here's what you need...

1tbsp vegetable oil

1 med onion - blended

1clove garlic - blended

1 red chilli without the seeds (we don't want its hotness but just the heat)

1inch of galangal/lengkuas - blended may blend all 4 ingredients together

1tsp ground coriander

225g prawns - peeled and devein

225g cabbage - coarsely chopped

225g cauliflower - parted into florets

1 small carrot - jullian cut them (cut into strips)

225g string beans - remove the strings and cut into thirds

1 small eggplant - cubed

salt to taste

1.5c coconut milk

1.5c water

1 Bay leaf / Salam leaf

-> heat oil and saute blended ingrediens and grounded ingredients . fry for 1 minutes until fragrant

--> add prawns and saute fro 2 minutes

--> add in all the vegetables cover and cook over low heat fro about 10 minutes or so

--> pour in the coconut milk and water. add in bay leaf. cook uncovered stirring almost continuosly until vegetables are tender. serve.

Note: you can substitute prawns with chicken breast