Sambal Durian - Chili Durian Paste

Monday, July 13, 2009

as we all know that we are having durian season. its all durian...last 2 weeks me & the kids balik kampung its been a while since i went back to my home town KELANTAN the land of culture..its basically the same except the Pasar Khatijah is undergoing an upgred and those undercontruction roads are all done, its beautiful and clean.

anyway my late grandfather had a some fruit gardens i can't say its a plantation cos its quite small to be a plantation but i think its quite big for a garden...hack i don't know what to catagorized it...but anyway we have pamelo fruits, duku,rambutans, durians, lime,oranges, kaffir lime trees and mangoesteen....i think that's about all we have in the gardens.
my son got really excited running around in the fruit mom took the opportunity to pluck some limes, chillies and kaffir lime leaves.

anyway its a durian season and we had durian from the garden. there was soo many durian until we are basically sick of it..well except for my dad..he LOVES durians...with all of those durians there are bound to be some that are too ripe, soft and soggy yet sweet to taste. its a waste to throw it away so we ended up making sambal durian and it always gone by the end of the meal...

How to make this? so simple just take few chilies (add more if you want it hot and vis a versa) and pound it with motar & pastle, de-seed the durians and take the durian and mix with the chilies add some salt to taste and sugar if its not sweet.

Beautiful mangoesteen from the garden

Duku ; also from the garden
Some of the durians from the garden

do you know what flower is this??
Limes that my mom picked
This would probably the sweetest pamelo that i've ever tasted

That's my mom having fun plucking stuff....does she look 55 to you??wanna now her secret email me at