Baked me own B'day cake: Double Chocolate Peppermint Sponge

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

have nothing better to do than baking me own birthday cake as i personally feels that store bought cake is too commercialized... blurghhh~ the thought of secret recipe's cake made me vomit in my mouth a little... i'm so sick of it no offence to the business owners their cakes are good but i'm just sick of it...(you know that i'm telling the truth when i actually had to repeat the word 'sick' twice)
anyway this time i wanted to try something different so i jazz it up with peppermint!

hey, why buy when yo u can BAKE!

besides we loved it....and you probably would too!
175g butter -
150g flour
2tbs cocoa powder
1tbsp baking powder
150g caster sugar
1tbsp milk
40g peppermint chocolates, chopped - i use Andes after 8 chocolate mints
some chocolate spred to decorate
  1. pre heat oven at 180c. grease two 20cm/8" sandwich cake tins
  2. sift flour, cocoa, baking powder into a bowl set aside.
  3. melt butter and chocolate chunks and set aside.
  4. in a mixer fitted with a whisk beat eggs with sugar until volumed and pale.
  5. lower the speed, and add in the flour mixture just until almost mixed.
  6. then add in the butter mixture and gently fold in the butter until JUST mixed! (coz we don't wanna loose too much air)
  7. pour into the prepared baking tins and bake for 25-30minutes or until set. DO NOT OVER BAKE THE CAKE or it'll be dry!
  8. once cooked, let it cool just for a bit then turn out and finish cooling on the wire rack
  9. Sandwich together the cakes with the chocolate spread, then drizzle more on top to decorate.

for the spread :

i simply melt (using double boil method) beryl's dark chocolate about 100g-150g or so, then i add in 1/4c of whipping cream, 1tbs butter, a 1.5 tsp of light corn syrup and 1/2tsp of peppermint essence. mix well and ready to spread!

p/s: beryl is a malaysian brand chocolate.

hope that you'll enjoy my wacky creation for myselfon my birthday hehehe~ (i hope that i don't sound pathetic)