Southern Crispy Fried Chicken My style!

Monday, February 28, 2011

I know that i haven't been uploading new entries lately...I've been busy...busy studying yea yea yea I'm back 'to school' Ive decided to further my studies in MBA. Last week was our first week of school and yesterday was our first exam...crazy huh? we had a FULL days and week then exam its really crazy cramping everything...yesterday's exam? i don't think that i do that well. They asked about grafts which there were a lot of it and naturally i got confused. I know the answers but just don't know for which hahaha does it make any sense? that is being confused all about.

I think if the exam was next week instead of yesterday i think i'd do better and i am confident that i can score it too but....*long sigh~* anyway what's done is done now have to focus on hands are full with work and then i found out this morning that my daughter have bleeding gum and she was in pain. Brought her to the dentist (to be honest I'm not sure where to bring her dentist or GP?) then the dentist said its probably because she's about to get chicken pox. and i was like WHAT???

no kidding i don't have time for chicken pox baby sitting....but she said its just a possibility coz children often have bleeding gum no biggie. I am not sure if that is even any consolation for me...I'm just hoping that thats just it and not chicken pox or anything related to it. I made crispy fried chicken southern style...well my style too heheeh here's the recipe

Chiken (cut, cleaned and pat dry)
1tsp paprika
1tsp blackpepper
1/2tsp cumin
3clove of garlic grated or mashed finely.
1c self rising flour
2 egg white

salt to taste

Flour mixture:
just mix everything together except for egg whites and garlic and milk.

rub chicken with a bit of salt and garlic careful with the salt coz in the flour mixture you're putting some salt too. set aside.

then pat the chicken dry for abit (coz at this point the chicken may be a bit watery)
then dip it into the flour mixture, dust off excess flour then dip it into egg white then dip it again into the flour mixture and coat it well. let it sit just for about 3-5minutes then deep fry them until golden...