I'm not an expert of everything...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salam & Hi to all...

This entry is more like a rambling entry...i hope you don't mind. no recipes here just ramblings but not just any random ramblings (that i some how always to ramble away) but this time i thought of writing *ehem..ramble* about stuff that revolves around kitchen/cooking of baking....because like i say i'm no expert...

and again, like the title i'm not an expert of everything but i make my business (most of the time) to know or try to know about cooking and baking. The knowledge i have about baking and cooking are mostly from friends & families and also from some cooking & baking gurus - this include Anna Olson and her husband Mike Olson....seriously i literally 'stalk' them =p well i believe that asking and learning informally like that is the best way to acquire some of the BEST cooking and baking tips and stuff...right?

ok anyway i'm no expert (how many time have i been repeating this?) so there are some stuff that i manage to screw up baking.....believe me or not thats the truth... i think i have few on top of my head right now...its probably a list *lol* but it really KILLS me from the inside that i can't seem to do it RIGHT. do you know what i mean? its frustrating REALLY frustrating...

so here i'd like to reveal some of the stuff that i somehow effortlessly screw up the recipe/baking
Here goes...
10 - Semolina Cake
I know i know laugh if you will but for some reason i often fail to bake this wonderful cake....it always comes out dense and somehow 'uncook' God knows why...maybe its the recipe?

9 - dim sum dumplings
the dumpling that i meant is not those made with wonton skin but ones with wheat starch etc...yeah from scratch kind and make all the cool shape. made these several time but the skin ended up very hard to handle...well at most times sticky so i'd usually gave up half way.

8- decorative layer jelly
this one does gets on my nerve. the recipe is all good (it taste wonderful) but the layers it didn't stick together, it always separates and its annoying.

7 - layered cake
this is another type of cake that i can't seem to get it right....was it the recipe or just me? i don't know

6- Angel Cake
hahahahaah this one....its a love and hate relationship. there are times that i can get it right but
there are also times that it deflate on me after baking

5- scone
yeah yeah ....it didn't fluff or puff after baking either that or it simply turn out hard VERY hard.

4- pita bread
this is also one of those love hate relationship thingie hmm....it never pocketed

3- puff pastry
have you ever try making this from scratch? its not that easy but it is simple (steps) am i making any sense? we're better off using store bought pastry

2- apam mekar
heheeheh this one i failed making it because the cake didn't blossom (tak mekar langsung) maybe its the heat....i didn't get the temperature right yeah maybe....

1 - macaroons

this is my no 1 on the list i've tried so many time but failed every time! tried every recipe on the net but it never grow its feet....then i gave up making it.....because it cost me a whole lotta egg whites!

there you go my top 10 fail list *lol* i'm not perfect but working on it. but if any of you know any tips or recipe that can help me out with my list above please please do comment. i appreciate it very much.