Chicken pot pie

Monday, June 22, 2009

last week was a lazy weekend and i mean LAZY weekend! i'm on diet so when you are on diet, you'll feel extremely lazy to cook the whole complete meal (fyi i always cook at least 2 dishes to eat with a vege dish and a fish or chicken dish) to be eaten with rise...hubby haven had a decent dinner since i started my diet *giggles* he plead to me to cook something as he's bored eating outside.

so i reluctantly defrost chicken meat, dice manually the carrot, scrape my leftover sweet corn from the cob, celery sticks onions etc...actually i intended to make noodle soup then i remembered that i still have some puff pastry left in the freezer...Pot pie came to mind instantly...

so what you need is:
sufficient puff pastry
1 clove garlic
1 celery stick cut finely
1 bombay onion diced
1 small pack mix vege (i dun have one thats why i manualy dice everything)
2 piece chicken breast de bone and dice
1/2 can button mushroom (i dun have any so i didnt put any)
1/2c half and half cream
salt and sugar to taste
1 pc chicken stock cube
1tsp black pepper freshly ground
1tsp flour (+-) this is to thicken the gravy
1 egg lightly stired
500ml water/chicken stock (+-) - reserve a little and mix it with flour then set aside
2tsp olive oil for frying
1 bay leaf

  1. heat oil and gently saute garlic until fragrant then add in the chicken meat
  2. add in diced onion keep frying until fragrant
  3. add in bay leaf and other veges.
  4. fry until soft and tender then add in cream + water + chicken cube+black pepper
  5. stir gently then let it simmer.
  6. then add in the flour liquid. stir until the grave is lightly thickens. heat off and set aside
  7. let it cool slightly then add in egg mix well
  8. pour in the chicken mixture in individual remikins.
  9. cut puff pastry making sure that the size it larger than the remikins.
  10. wet the edge of teh remikins and stick the puff pastry on top it
  11. brush pastry with egg wash
  12. bake at a preheated oven at 200c
the egg is actually optional its just value added and act as thickening agent for the gravy.