dim sum: chicken dumpling

Thursday, June 3, 2010

this is the fried version....

with soup version....

as promise this is the dumplings that i've made and of course i've also tweeked the recipe from saturday's cook to suit my taste...

What you need:-

some chicken breast

some shelled prawns ---------> divide both prawns and chicken meat into 2 portions and finely minced 1 portion.( i put it in a food processor and put on pulse) and the other half portion corsely minced
a table spoon of grated ginger

1 clove of grated garlic

1 tbsp light soy sauce

a dash of sesame oil

a dash of white pepper

1 tsp of corn starch for binding

1 pack wonton skins


finely chopped carrots (portion as much or little as desired)

finely chopped red chili with out the seeds. (also as desired)

-> just add in all the ingredients together, put on the wonton skin and wrap it as you will...

the you may steam it or fry it or put it in a soup as i did...

the soup? i just make my usual chicken broth and add a dash of white pepper and sesame oil and loads of chopped coriander leaves ^_^

Random Ramblings

Monday, May 31, 2010

i know that i haven't been updating my blog for sometime now..its simply because i'm not feeling very well...i'm still not 100% but that doesn't mean that i haven been cooking though its just that i did snap any photos of my creations =} (i'm sure you all prefer recipes with photos than just recipes right?) yeah we made lasagna, koftas, our family bbq + steamboat (more like korean bbq) with dips to die for....its a shame that i didn't get any pictures...plus my sister just got married and now we are getting ready for my brother wedding this July so bz bz...

and i just found out what they use for yong tau foo dips....its shocking!! you wouldn't believe it!!\
my children and i LOVE yong tau foo and there's no many great HALAL yong tau foo outlets for us the malay of yong tau foo vendors just don't have it...in case you're wondering i've tasted the what i considered Original yong tau foo made by yours truly a chinese muslim friend of mine who was kind enough to make some for me (its their food of course the chinese makes better yong tau foo than the malays just like chicken rice, dim sum etc )and was kind enough to reveal to me 'whats in the sauce' which got me a tad shock and guilty when dipping my assorted seafood balls.

well according to my friend the sauce is made out of black soy beans with loads of sugar (if you make your own you would probably use honey ) and of course theres many variation of this recipes but thats the basic ingredients...she said and i quote " you'd think that yong tau foo is healthy but you are absolutly wrong theres loads of sugar involve and not to mention msg in the soup... and you always say chinese chicken rice's soup (from the store) is tasty, its because of the msg in it! thats why when you try to duplicate their taste its almost impossible its because we didn't put as much msg in it..."

and i was like...REALLY?! 2 of my fave food is less than healthy? for a moment there i thought that my world just crumbled down...no wonder i couldn't exactly duplicate the taste of restaurant food i knew they use msg but i didn't know the extent of the usage was... ( no wonder my mom is allergic to most restaurant food)

i was greatly enlighten by these facts...although i am now hoping that dim sum is a more healthier option coz i love LOVE dim sum above all...and speaking of which i'll be making some today (hopefully) and i will do my best to put it in my next entry...the recipe is adopted from the afc 'saturday cooks' can't remember the chef's name but she's probably british chinese...

so dare i say stay tune?