Seafood Chowder

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ok...this would probably be my rare entry with picture (since my trusty PC failed on me)...and now i am sneaking away using my husband's notebook...well of course i can't upload my whole bunch of pictures he'd notice that i'm using his notebook....yeah i know this is getting pathetic but i can't bare the fact that my blog is getting dull and dull-er every entry....i gotta do something.

i know that i'm 'banned' from using my husband's notebook hance why i'm super duper top secretly using his notebook (i feel like i'm 007 already)... ok gotta do this fast...soo... here's the recipe...for the record, this recipe is something that i come up with so its all in estimation base on what you like ^_^ so feel free to do the + and - the ingredients...

some clams - washed and briefly cook with a bit of salt then extrac the flesh
some crab meat if you have any, i use the crab filament
1 large white fish fillet, any white fish - i use haddock cut into bite size cubes
some squid rings
1/2 large potatoe - cubed
1.5 large potatoes - finely grated ( i strongly suggest you grate the potatoes directly into the cooking pot otherwise it'll turn black before you got to use it)
a dash of black pepper
2 tsp of dill
salt to taste
2c of milk
1c /250ml whipping cream
1 small carrot - cubed
1 stick celery - cut finely
1 onion - finely chopped
2 clove of garlic - finely chopped
2 slice of beef breakfast strips - finely chopped (i think idealy use bacon but this is a halal recipe sooo please be inform)
a cube of butter

=> melt butter and fry the beef strips until crispy. then discard the excess oil and add the onions, garlic, cubed potatoes, carrots and celery and fry until potatoes are almost cooked

=> then add in the milk and cream. stir gently and let it simmer under a medium-low heat.

=> then add in the greated potatoes. unlike most chowder recipes that i found, they use flour or corn starch to thicken the soup but i think using potatoes like this will do the same trick (due to its starch) and will make the soup more filling and hearty. stir gently and let it sit for a minute or two.

=> then lastly add in the seafood this way it'll give time for other ingredients to cook coz seafood cooks rather fast plus we don't want to end up with tough/crumbly seafood.

=> stir again and let it cook for another 5 minutes or so and by this time you'll find that the soup is thicken if you don't like it too think then you can add in more water or milk to adjust the thickness.

=> season your soup with salt and pepper to taste and lastly sprinkle dill and give it another stir and ready to serve!

wallah...very easy my son loves this chowder so much he kept asking for more! but remember when making a dish involving seafood, make sure that its FRESH!

*whispering* ok hope that you'll enjoy this recipe as much as my family does, and happy cooking!

bye signing off~

p/s: i know i'm being naughty right now but shhhhh~ don't tell my husband

Father's Day....

its father's day week...yeay!...(long pause) mmmm don't get me wrong i'm all into fatherhood, male parenting etc...*sighhh~* its just that i never really celebrated father's day or mother's day for that matter not because that i don't appreciate 'father and mother' its just that i personally think that they do not need a special day for that (unless it's recognized as a public holiday now that'll be something) i just think that they are special EVERYDAY and they should be treated special EVERY SINGLE DAY and not just one particular day of that year...

correct me if i'm wrong, when i observe people around me...they get really hyped about father's day / mother's day or even valentine for that matter, they panicked when they couldn't get gifts or do something special some even went to all the trouble hosting dinner party etc...but when that day's over, they went *puff* like that magic show in Vegas and things will be all quiet until the next celebration...i think you can see my point now...we should celebrate out loved ones everyday or anytime we can, i cook for my parents all the time, we'd karaoke everynow and then i spent time with them as much as i can regardless of the hows and trust me 'time spent' with them meant the world to them and they know that they are remembered and loved they love grandchildren...

anyway we asian or at least the Malays, we take care of our parents until the day they die. its not in our culture to send them in an old folk homes, beside its against our religion too because its like abandoning our parents leaving to the hands of strangers to take care of those who took care of us when we are sick, sad, down, or even during the happy times, they clothes us, fed us, educate us...pretty much like we are doing to our children now and one thing for sure i DON'T want my children to send me away like that just because i'm old and fussy, its simply not what i want my children to do or even thinking of doing. its just sad.

maybe its ok in the western culture but its not ok here. and i know that i seem to like blabbering right now but this all have a point. i love my parents that i celebrate them everyday and its what i want my childrent to do as well, i /we don't need that 'special' day to celebrate them for being our parents...

anyway...with all said...its just my opinion and what i believe...i don't want to spoil the 'father's day' in that spirit, if you still haven't got anything for your dad perhaps you could ask Matt from tiepedia , a guy i just know he reached me through my email and i went to his site and and my God he's a Tie freak and i mean it in a good maybe just maybe a nice tie would be just the thing for your dad? and probably you can ask Matt about ties...i have a feeling that he'll know alot (probably wayyyy to0 much) about ties. just drop by at his site he even have the how tos for ties...come to think of it this site would probably benefit clueless housewives (like me) who is ultimately cluless on tieing ties ...then again i'm lucky coz my husband rarely wears a tie soooo i'm that ignorant.

and check this out

happy father's day ...

p/s: this blog is getting boring isn't it? with no pictures and all....sighhhh~

Poach Egg - the EZ way - idiot proof =P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 do i start this entry....(pause)

first of all, i just wanted to say that this entry won't have any pictures. why? its a long story but cut short, my ancient PC is getting wayyyyyyyyyyyy to old to hold any heavy files and such...either that there's some virus lurking in my pc either way i can't load the picture coz everytime i did, my pc hang until kingdom come or i shut it down but would later restart again even when i 'shut down' the damn pc. i'm no tech whiz but i'm begining to think that that pc is a piece of junk beyond repairing...its sad coz i have loads of pictures to share and all...

and sadly now i'm secretly using my husband's notebook which he kinda 'forbid me' to use coz and i quote (using a low voice) "you are queen of virus, everytime you use any PC/laptop/notebook...there's always something..." " and i need my notebook to be in a tip top shape to do my work so HANDS OFF!"

geezzz harsh much? anyway somewhere along the line its true...something always manage to slip in...the odd thing is that i only use the net when i'm looking for recipes or admiring food photographies and blogging...

...since i'm blabbering here i might as well vent this one out know the other day someone from some restaurant in Kl wrote me an email asking me to write about their establishment and food and they're asking me to have a dine in experience (for FREE of course) and in return they'll give me a year worth of dine in vouchures...i was excite at first until i read further and saw the restaurant name...ok the thing is that i've been there a couple of time before and quite frankly...lets just say that writing an advertorial will be ...tricky...

i wrote them back declining the offer...politely and hope that it'll ends there. but to my suprise this person wrote back and ask me why...which kindda complicate the risk of sounding stuck-up pompos (is that how you spell it?) and rude i simply told them the truth. and the truth was
1. they use wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much MSG. i mean i know restaurants uses alot of these but when you can visibly see the msg in your food, i'd say thats TOO MUCH!
2. the food is not consistant one day its good the other you feel like tossing it away..i've been there only twice but i heard a few 'talks' here and there and i can make sense of it.
3. SLOW service which is a huge NO NO...almost an hour wait? common? how hard is it to make noodle soup?
4. food portion and the price does not justify...went twice, regret twice sorry...

with all that i can't possibly put a blind eye and pretend that everything is ok...and write a bogus advertorial to my readers... i can't do that. i love my readers, i respect them and greatful that they spent time reading what i have to say, share my recipes and so on...that person was angry at first but then wrote to me again thanking me for being blunt told me that he have a 'restaurant makeover' to do and he hope that i'll come back and try the food and service there again after the 'makeover' and i was like "fuhh~" that was lucky i thought that we'll be having somekind of word war or something...but i wish him all the best

the morale of this story is that even when people/companies come and ask me to write about their products (what ever it may be), money and gifts are not priority. i too have to vet about what i'm writing about i have reputation too, i can't have my readers saying that i'm a fake or what not...heres the deal if the product is good then its good no 2 way about it and i'll be happy to write about it but if its the opposite then i'll just have to decline politely.

*On With the Poached Eggs....*

anyway....about the poach eggs....i don't know if you're like me, but i always and i mean ALWAYS having trouble poaching my eggs...they alway ended up looking like errr....soupy? they're everywhere, they would break inside the boiling water and won't stay you always get the how tos/ recipes for making poach egg with vinegar and salt which i personally think YUCK....i 'm ok with salt but vinegar??????

then one day my baby sister made this beautiful poach eggs and i was like " how the hell did you do that????" the whole egg just stays together and in shape just how poach eggs should be...
she just smile and say " just use the microwave". and i was like "huh?"

and seriously its the simplest way to make poach eggs and when you serve it no one would know the difference...(pause) well except that when using the microwave you really need to watch the time if you over cook it it'll turn rubbery...but that aside its so eazy

what you need is a microwave-able bowl, water and eggs. and just break the egg in to the water and mirowave it at high for about 1min15sec give and take and you'll have a beautiful poach egg!!
although i suggest that you poach the egg one at a time until you get the hang of it. and make sure that the eggs are fresh. No vinegar needed, but salt are optional. you can stop microwaving at anytime to check the egg, it won't effect the outcome of the egg.
once done, you can laddle it out and serve it with salt and pepper or as a side dish for an all american breakfast...

eazy huh? i know i was suprised too...and i'm sure that you'd be suprise to once you try this and see how eazy it is...argh...i just hate it that i can't post my lovely poach eggs here...what a bummer...oh well i hope that this new found trick i learnt is of help to you...