homemade chicken nuggets FOR KIDS

Friday, July 23, 2010

i'm actually quite lazy today but i'm expecting my son to come home today (he's been sent away @ grandma's house due to my daughter's "suspected chicken pox" well at least according to the doctor although i'm not sure if it really is) so i have to cook. lately i don't really feel like eating rice (we asian can't live without rice so this is a BIG deal =p ) i wonder why...

anyway...even with my lazy bug, i manage to make a delightfully delicious chicken nuggets, grilled fish (althought its not my choice of fish but its all i have in the fridge sooo lazy to go to the wet market) and chicken soup. but for the purpose of this entry i'll post the nugget recipe and i shall post another for the fish recipe alright?


what you need

2 large chicken breast meat - chopped finely 1 med onion - blended or use pastle & motar a dash of blackpepper (not too much coz kids usually don't like it...well at least mine doesn't) 2 clove of garlic - blended or use pastle & motar 2tbsp breadcrumbs 1/4 sprig of celery - blended or use pastle & motar salt to taste 1tsp olive oil some parmesan cheese

just mix all the ingredients together except for parmesan cheese. mix well. then mold it into any shape you like eg. round, oval, etc... then drizzle/sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and back of the nuggets we don't want to cover everything with it or it'll be too salty so just the front and back. let it rest and chill in the freezer so that it'll be eazier to handle. fry as you would with nuggets. enjoy!

you'd want to chop the chicken meat the old fasion way aka with your trusty knife rather than blend it. reason is so that you have some chicken texture in the nugget.

i blend the seasonings (onion, garlic,celery etc) is so that kid can enjoy without worrying about veges. its subjective you can simply finely chop them if you like.

you may add chopped carrots or some corn for variations.