food i've made

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrot cakes...cupcakes with cream cheese topping. made these as cupcakes for easy consumption...

easy to make tuna puffs : use store bought pastry then prepare your desired fillings, then fold in triangle shape, glaze it with egg wash.

pop overs, you can eat it for breakfast with fruit butter or eat it as a savory treat with hotdogs or breakfast beef strip.

hearty beef stew

made this sometime ago and i think i've already posted the recipe so do i still have to post the recipe??

anyway this is one of the best stew i've made and my chicken stew is also a 'fast seller' on my dining table....i will post in the recipe in the next entry coz i'm unable to upload my pictures...

this is surely a MUST TRY recipe

Steamed Garlic prawns

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i just love steamed food they are ever so easy and simple to make....

what you need:

150g prawns de vein
2tbsp light soy sauce
1tsp sugar
1tsp lime juice
1" ginger finely sliced
5-8cloves garlic finely chopped
1sprig spring onions finely chopped
1sprig coriander finely chopped
1-2 bird eye chili (this is optional and if you like it hot then by all means go crazy with the chilies)

combine everything in a steaming bowl the steam for 8 minutes of until cooked through. the ready to serve.

maid frustrations

its been a crazy week...*long sigh~* I've been maid-less for quite sometime now and i'm desperately need a maid...i need a maid not because i'm selfish and wanted more free time for myself altho it did cross my mind...but its more of because my children needs constant attention and i basically can't clean the house while looking after the kids at the same children are hyper active i can't turn away just for a second and someone will get hurt or something got broken and its tiring...REALLY...coz as it is now my only time to clean the house is at night when the kids are be honest its taking a toll out of me...i've become cranky and easily annoyed due to lack of rest and sleep.

to my luck, a friend of my mom offered me if i want a maid...and i was like "yeah! sure do!" the whole thing will only cost me about RM4k only which is extremely cheap, discussed it with hubby and agreed on taking up a maid from her. since we didn't go through agent we have to register and apply working visa ourselves...everything was fine until after we submit and wait for the approval...after 3 working days we then found out that our application got rejected. we asked why and we were told that it is due to the age limit. the age requirement was 21-45years old. and mine was 45 of age...which shouldn't be a problem as she is still in the age requirement. so we appealed and now we have to wait for another 2 weeks to know the final result. with all this i have to go up and down the immigration office and the waiting is what killing me the most...*argh~* its so frustrating...if it got rejected again then my RM2k burnt just like that and that will surely blow our heads off... such a waste of good money....i'm still waiting pray for me ...i really need the maid so that i can go to work again...i can't go to work if i don't have anyone to babysit the kids...

sooooooooo frustrating....