Hoagies Sandwich @ Taylor's University

Friday, April 1, 2011

If you're wondering, what Hoagies is its a sandwich restaurant. The concept is somewhat like Subway but with slight difference. They include spring onions, coriander and carrots as part of their vegetables. According to the owner, the outlet is a home grown business and it was actually a Vietnamese sandwich concept which includes lots of vegetables. The sandwich selections are basically the usual turkey slice, beef slice, roast beef slice,chicken slice and they also have creamy chicken, Portuguese chicken (chicken in hot Portuguese sauce)  and buttermilk chicken (chicken in buttermilk gravy). They also have spaghetti of several gravy selection.

the sandwich size is slightly bigger than subway - subway 6" hoagies's 7". I supposed with the size and all hoagies have better value and they most often than not have offers that'll give you better value.
anyway we love:

  • Creamy chicken - with lots and lots of spring onion and coriander leaves and lettuce...YUM!
  • Portuguese chicken  with everything
  • Buttermilk chicken with lots of spring onion and coriander, lettuce and carrots everything except pickles, olives, and jalapeno.
if you ever seen hoagies go have a try! its yummy and of value I LOVE IT ^_^


oh yea the price? its around RM9-10 depending on which fillings you like. But like i say they always have offers like buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 and get the next 50% off. So its all right and i like eating there, saves me money (food @ taylors aren't that cheap) plus its healthy and filling.

 Seriously lots of veges...
 This was creamy chicken....
 Taylor's Uni is so modern looking....
 thats my sister ordering some food
and thats the owner...