Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is just a 3 day old vanilla essence. the color will change according to age. so don't worry.

DIY Vanilla Essence a non alcohol version.

what you need
11/2 c food glycerin
1/2c warm water
2 vanilla pods
glass jar preferably dark glass jar - i use my old coffee jar (its a clear jar)

1st sterilize the jar then add in the glycerin and warm water. Stir well. then cut the vanilla pod in the middle length wise and scrape the seeds out and put in the glycerin mixture. when you can put the pod in the glycerin mixture too.Stir & mix well. close the lid and shake it, shake it some more. then let it sit there like all preserved should. give them 2-3weeks before using it.

shelf life? i think so long you take care of it i.e not contaminate it with other ingredients while using it it would last you a very long time.