Gourmet at Home: Cooking Class 7th January 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I would like to inform my fellow readers that I'll be conducting cooking class next year -This January on the7th (Friday) So i'm calling all housewives or students even to join in the class. Max 4 students in one session,  its a hands on class where you'll learn how to Roast, bake, stew and all of those things that you may not understand in a cook book instruction. You'll learn some cooking or baking tips from me tips that you may not find it here in this blog ;) ones that most people would like to keep it a secret...because you know sometime its not the ingredients that is missing but the techniques.

You'll make and learn! It'll be fun, You get to take home the food you've made to show off to your family. You'll be given notes/recipes. refreshments provided.

January Class is:

Date: 060111 (Thursday)  or 140111 (Friday) 
Time:- 1pm-5pm +-
Menu:  Cottage Pie & Mediterranean Meatballs, Tropical Fruit Salad & Coco banana parfait.
Vanue: in Bangi (address will be given once booking is confirmed)
Price:  RM180/person

if you like to join the class but the date does not suit you, please feel free to give suggestion email me for booking dates, full payment is required. Full refund if class is canceled due to fault from our side. If you've paid and changed your mind please do so at least 3 days before class otherwise you'll only get 50% refund.

Please understand that Full payment is required so that we can prepare all the necessary for the class (ingr, notes etc) and that is also why you need to inform us 3day before the class should you change your mind and want full refund)

Minty Meatballs for the Moroccan Inspired Soup

Moroccan Inspired Soup with Minty Meatballs

I have finally edited the videos but please DO NOT LAUGH its not easy i tell you to video tape yourself cooking without tripod no less...anyway i did my best i hope that you can understand and enjoy the 'show' lol.

Minty Meatballs

200g minced meat
1sprig fresh mint - finely chopped
1tsp rosemary - finely chopped
1-2tbsp finely chopped onions
1tsp finely chopped garlic
1/4tsp nutmeg
1tsp paprika (you can add more if you like)
1/4tsp mixed herbs (you can buy pre-packed from the store)
salt and pepper to taste
1 whole egg medium size
1-2tbsp bread crumbs (start with 1tbsp, if its still loose add 1/2tbsp and so on but maximum is 2tbsp no more because otherwise the breadcrumbs will over power the meat and we don't want that)

just add everything in mix it all well then make a small ball using a 1/2tbsp measurement spoon as guide. put it on a tray and cover with cling warp to avoid drying. set aside until you're ready to put it in the soup.

Moroccan Inspired Soup

1/2 of large onion - finely or coarsely chopped (it does not matter actually)
2clove of garlic - finely chopped
1tbsp grated ginger
1tsp cumin
1tsp paprika
1/2tsp nutmeg
2 ripe tomatoes - cubed
1 leek - use the white and green part, cut in half
some baby carrots
some corn
1 small can of bake beans/chick peas/green peas
1tbsp chili sauce or chili flakes
1 can of whole tomato pulp.
1-500ltr stock or water - you can use chicken or beef stock, but here i only use water coz i ran out of stock
1tsp thyme
1sprig fresh sweet basil
1tbsp olive oil

heat pot with olive oil, then sweat onion, garlic and ginger. do not burn them. then add in cumin, nutmeg and paprika. let it sweat some more for another 3-5 minutes in a med-low heat. then add in 1 cup of stock 1st, let it simmer then add in all the veges including the peas let simmer again for another 5 minutes or so then add in the remaining stock and tomato pulps. let it simmer yet again until it slightly reduced. then season it with salt and pepper. after that gently add in the meat balls let it cook in the soup for 5-10 minutes depending on the size of your meat balls, mine takes only 5 minutes as its in a small fun bite size hehehe~ then you are ready to serve! garnish it with mint leaves.

this soup is great with pasta or gnocchi or even egg noodle but i did gnocchi and my children loves it! the white dumpling in the soup that you see in the picture. gnocchi is an Italian potato based pasta traditionally eaten with a cheesy creamy sauce. I might going to make them again, so wait for the recipe n pictures (i didn't get to take pictures for my gnocchi coz my daughter loves it so much i have to keep an eye on it at all time.)

1- i use baked beans, mainly because i can't find canned chickpea so i improvise. when use baked beans rinse it in cold water first to avoid the 'baked bean' taste/aroma that might over powering the soup.

2- Use Stocks are better than water because it'll give the soup body as it'll be the base/background of the tomato pulp/puree. in short it will taste 10x better! you may use chicken/beef /vege stock.

3- in the video i forgot to add in nutmeg so i add it later after i dump in meatballs, the taste will be subtle this way so it'll be a lot better if you were to add in together with the paprika n onions, as it will be infused in the soup.

4- As for the chili sauce, you can adjust it to your taste. if you don't have chili sauce, then you can add chili flakes later (towards the end of the cooking). mine is mildly hot..more of heat really...so that its children friendly, you can always add chili flakes later when you about to eat its ok too ;)...its versatile that way!

morrocan Inspired soup.wmv

Vlogging...baking cooking video tutorials?

I have always wanted to do a baking & cooking video, you know like a tutorial but its always i don't have enough time or no proper camera for video recordings bla bla bla...but now i have a decent cameras of course its not a video camera per say but its a camera capable of video recording ^_^...but now the problem is i don't have a tripod. and apparently tripod is needed for videoing to avoid shaking and also to have a focus shot?...

anyway i've been trying to make video of my latest recipe A Moroccan inspired soup with mini beef balls. the video turned out almost OK but it'll need alot of editing though... and about the dish, it is a hearty dish, its tomato based so it'll give you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you sip into every spoon of the soup... i don't know something about tomatoes that translates to warmness you know what i mean?
and you can have this soup with pasta of any kind including gnocchi. Speaking of which, i am attempting to making gnocchi but i ran out of eggs...so had to KIV it for a while.

Why i came out with such a dish, its because i'm in a 'diet' right now, hoping that by mid year next year i'll get my figure back. My diet plan is to minimized carbs as mush as i can especially rice but in a day, i allow myself to have 1/4cup of rice or pasta and thats it for the whole day! reason of the 1/4cup is so that i won't be too deprived which in the end it'll led to yo yo dieting so to speak...(well at least that's my reasoning) I am no dietitian but i think this method works, 1st of all its high protein low carb diet  and lots and lots of veges and fruits. any binging will be off fruits. my previous diet was too strict that after awhile i just couldn't stand it (lets face it we asians will FOREVER crave that little grain we call rice) that i ended up eating more than i should.

and..................i also have help for my diet this time and it will probably speed up my weight loss program i don't know but so far i think it helps coz i notice change in my 'weight' digits just after a week..i will tell you for sure what kind of help i'm getting when it is for sure works! so stay tune. but even with the 'help' you'd still have to have some control over your food intake and have some exercise at least 15 minutes a day for everyday. a quick work out and thats it that is to avoid flabs after all the weight loss (hopefully)....bla bla bla another random ramblings

HomeStay....rental price is in USD

Monday, December 20, 2010


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