Kitchen Tips & Fixes

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hi...I just found a great book about kitchen tips & fixes. Its really interesting and enlightening. This was a loaned book from Taylor's Library not mine to keep...

But in the light of sharing and as barney the dinosaur say " sharing is caring" ^_^ so I'll be writing some of the 'interesting' ones here (while i still have the book)

This ones are particularly about KNIVES

A Stiff Knife is a SAFE Knife

A flexible knife is a DANGEROUS knife. This is because it can twist while cutting, change direction unpredictably and you could possibly hurt yourself. So test your knife!

Use the Sharp "heel" of the Knife
If you find that you have a blunt knife try using the 'heel' of the knife. the heel, is the end of a knife near to the handle. that area is usually sharper than the rest of the knife coz we don't use that part as much as we do with the mid section of the knife.

This is a tip to keep your knife shape a little bit more longer. you know that sometimes after we do our cutting and chopping we tend to scrape the chopping board with the knife? yeah instead using the sharp end use the 'spine'/back of the knife to scrape the board.

Grapefruit Knife for Easy Bagel Cutting
Ok this one is a bit random coz we Malaysian don't eat bagel as much but to you bagel eaters, this might be helpful. Grapefruit knife is usually curved and serrated and this makes bagel cutting easy, the curve blade keep the bagel in place while cutting it.

There are more other interesting tips and tricks but I'll have to read the book 1st then translate it here in this blog so stay tuned!