Rice Pudding

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I was watching AFC the other day and there was a talk about rice pudding on how to cook, how to impart the flavor, that its a great comfort food etc...i never had rice pudding before even when i was studying in the UK . i was curious but never had a chance to try one before so i really dunno whats the fuss about rice pudding so i decided to make some to try and appreciate the filling comfort food.

I've made a chocolate rice pudding with almond flakes. it turned out beautifully but not picture perfect i have to say coz i made it at night as i was craving for something sweetand filling at the time. its easy to make, great tasting and fills you up in no time (eh what do you expect its rice, its supposed to fill you up) any way..here's what you need..

1/3 of short grain rice or Japanese rice <--coz its starchy 1c of milk 1c of water 30-50g of dark chocolate (this actually really is up to you if you want vanilla you can omit this) 2-3tbs brown sugar - more if you like it really sweet. a pinch of salt 1 egg yolk

  1. heat water and milk until slightly simmer
  2. meanwhile wash the rice and soak it a little then add in the milk mixture
  3. let it cook for a while. once its starts boiling add in a pinch of salt. let it cook for 15 minutes
  4. then the water and milk will starts to thicken a little add in the chocolate stir until its completely melted.
  5. then add in sugar and let it cook for another 15minutes or so.
  6. once its done the texture should be thick and the rice is cooked thoroughly remove from fire let it cool slightly then add in the yolk stir well. the heat of the rice will gently cook the yolk. this will give the pudding a custard consistency.
  7. serve it in a ramekin hot or cold its to your fancy...


I haven't been blogging for quite sometime now and it's already NEW YEAR! so i'm taking this opportunity to wish all my fellow bloggers and recipe seekers a very happy new year and may you keep your resolution this 2009 =p. Speaking of resolution, i've been pondering about it ever since my birthday..about my pass resolution and the current resolution and you know what after all those years i think i've only manage to keep very few resolution and my 08 resolution i failed to keep...well its a hard one for me my previous resolution was to be my slander self again which was hard as i L>O>V>E cooking and baking then i gave birth to my baby girl so you can see there's alot of eating going on through out the year...i didn't gain much during the pragnancy but then again i was already 'fat' when i conceived (look at that i'm calling myself fat...now thats the first!) you see after giving birth to my 1st child i never did recover from my so called baby fat then when i was 'almost' loosing it i got pregnant again...

and i know many of us women with larger figure or dare i say 'volupcious'? are having hard time fitting in with the stick thin society...not to say that we 'are' living in the stick thin society per say but who are we kidding? all the good clothes are in size 8 the largest would be size 12 in translation its only available in SML sizes if lucky you'll have XL but rarely. am i right??? and sometime they even have XS and petite! what was that all about?? if we're not living in the 'stick thin' society then i dunno whats the sizes for? i mean what ever happen to XL, XXL the other sizes like 14,16,18...? do we not exist? our choise is only Mrs READ or Xtention or Total women which by the way are most of the time did not flatter out body! and the pressure to be thin is always there...

and for those with 'loose words' please think before you speak coz words are sharper than the knife. Do you ever get people telling you ' oh its been long time you look 'prosperous' ' (and by God they don't mean that you look rich but FAT!) or you look bigg-ER, huge etc...i get that all the time my realtive and unfortunately friends too have a feast making fun of my size and i would usually brush them off by making ackward jokes and laughing it off..but deep down inside it hurts. doesn't it even matter to them that i'm happy...at all? *long sigh*

anyway..through out the year i somehow magically manage to loose about 3kgjust by not really eating during weekdays and i only eat my children's leftovers... and i 'eat' when eating out during weekends. it sounds pathetic but its only because i was lazy to cook for 1 person...sooo back to my resolution ...my '09 resolution is to be Happy with who i am no matter what AND to start my own restaurant take out business....

Sorry about the ramblings...just gotta let it out of my chest..HAPPY NEW YEAR!