hello kitty cuppies

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

last week we celebrated little Maryam's birthday at Mak Tok's house. We had nasi dagang, lasagna, chocolate brownie made by wanie, che na made her famous trifle which like always gone in a blink...and I made some cute little cuppies...hello kitty cuppies.

i didn't plan on making the cuppies, its just that i couldn't sleep so i just move my ass down to the kitchen and start baking and molding ^_^ and i finally slept at around 3am. It was worth it especially seeing those people faces when they see the cute little cuppies. the cupcake was not perfect as i didn't have edible pen to draw the whiskers and eyes so i improvise and use the good old bamboo stick and food coloring (you can see the smudge...)

in all honesty...this is my firs time using marzipan to make cake toppers so don't ask me for the recipe i practically search the net to find the simplest recipe and guest what i forgot to book mark it so i can't link it or give the recipe but i suppose if you were to search you'll find it. and as for the little cakes it was a tad to sweet for me...i didn't use the normal castor sugar we'd use for baking instead i replace it with mmmm~ i for got whats it called i think it starts with Mor...mor something. i didn't know that its very sweet. the cake turned out very sweet even when I've already halved the sugar from the original recipe. non the less the sugar made the cake a very aromatic and tasted somewhat like caramel...(maybe that's why it tasted so sweet?)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its pretty lonely here...I know i haven't been updating my blog for quite some time now...but i do have a very good reason for it. amongst others...

  1. first i do have some food pictures n recipes to share but i haven't replace my old spoil cable.
  2. then my son got sick...first he had Asthma and we had to warded him for about 3 days...
  3. after the asthma incident he was only out for a day then he's complaining of having stomach cramps then the series of diarrhea and vomiting until he was totally flat out...i mean he couldn't even get out of bed to pee anymore, he was too tired. right then i know i had to rush him to the hospital and check him in again! (yeah we had actually went to see a doctor at our local clinic, but my son refuses to eat the medicine and it had actually provoked the vomiting)
  4. so my son was in the hospital for additional 2 days or so and when we came back, my baby and husband got infected by the diarrhea (i didn't know that it can be contageous )
  5. my brother wedding is this weekend so you can imagine how busy i am...
well the whole diarrhea thing started from my husband when he was visiting my son in the hospital earlier but he did got better. and somehow rather he passed it on to my son. oh well...so that's why i haven't been updating my blog...thousand of apologies....=p but i hope that you'll stay tune coz pretty soon i'll be updating (once i buy the cable) great stuff...*wink* so bye for now...ttfn