Honey glazed chicken / ayam masak madu

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

yesterday we had nasi minyak literally translated to "oil rice" what an odd name for food!
anyway...one of our menu to be eaten with this nasi minyak is the honey glazed chicken or Ayam masak madu or Ayam madu...

i learn how to make this when i was studying in the UK ...because i was craving for Ayam madu and one of my friend so happened to know how to cook this dish and using short cut too!

But for this recipe i have tweeked the original recipe to suit the taste buds of my ever so picky family...so here it is

what you need:
2 chicken thigh or any other parts of chicken you like
1 orange
3tbsp honey or as much as you want
1 tsp blended dried chillies /chillie Boh /dried chilie paste (boiled dried chillies then blended to a paste)
2tbs chillie sos
2tbsp tomato sos
1 tomato - sliced into wedges *optional
fresh chopped coriender

blended items:
1 bombay onion
1 clove garlic
2" ginger

1 anise star
1 piece of cinnamon
4 coriender pods