Food for Kids: Oreo Medallion Pancake.

Friday, July 22, 2011

This is a very clever way to jazz up your ordinary pancake and the best part is KIDS WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

My children is a very picky eaters....hmmm they would eat almost everything but not the same thing example: if i make them pancake today they won't eat them again next morning. this attitude my children have is a nuisance to me coz i would have to think all the different ways to serve the 'same' recipe to them. you get what i'm trying to say here? so you can imagine me cracking my brains just to get them eat. my inspiration for 'creative' kids cooking mostly were from Gourmet-mom-on-the-go she's damn creative and i love her ideas you should check her blog up!

But this one was my sister's idea. she told me that she made fried oreo using tempura batter and serve them as snacks with ice cream. For me i'm never good with tempura batter it always ended up soaking more oil then it should but it does give me an idea. Instead using tempura batter i use pancake batter. Genius!
Its so simple...all you need is store bought pancake - i use pillsbury buttermilk pancake and oreos. dump the cookie in the pancake batter then pan fry them as you would with pancake! How simple is that? the result is horrifyingly addictive. the cookies will be soft almost cake like in the center of the pancake batter. i made a lot of those my kids ate them up like there is no tomorrow. You can eat it plain or with your favorite ice cream.