Boxing Chicken

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is probably one of my many first 'Gourmet' attempt back when i was 12 hahahah yes 12 that young! =p
My mom used to make this cute little 'boxing gloves' all the time and we (me and my siblings) were always amazed by the it...a simple 12 year old kid mind wondered above and beyond on how the hell did this drummet be like this, perfectly rounded at a top just like a boxing glove...i used to snack on these alone (mom would do a lot of these boxing chicken then frozen it, much like nuggets and roti canai) wondering and imagining stuff about the drummets....ahhh the blissful mind of a 12 year old...

anyway since i was REALLY amazed and intrigued by it finally mom asked " you wanna know i make these?" and i was like YEAH! then she thought me how to box up the drummet.

this dish is so simple all you need to do is just box up the drummets then breaded them like you would with chicken shop SO EAZY... then you can dress it up with what ever gravy you fancy, which in this case (picture) we made a simple marinara gravy or you can just serve it as it is.

Its so crafty looking, kids loves this...if they don't something is wrong with their creativity side of the brain...or maybe you're doing it wrong = /

ok i didn't do a step by step because this is in one of my recipes in me Gourmet class so if you want to know in detail you'll have to come to my class, i can't tell you all here or my students will be angry with me heheheh~

but this much i can say, box the chicken up, then season it, then bread it then fry then serve....mmmm this is no fun isn't ? i know and i'm sorry at least this post can be a preview to those who wanted to learn cooking.

Class :

Fees: RM230/Person

Time: 1pm - 5pm
Vanue: Bandar Baru Bangi
Date: 21st Jan2011

anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! may this year be the best year than the last!