Daniel's3rd birthday

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

last wee was my son's 3rd birthday...its embarassing coz i was trying so hard to make his birthday eventful and memorable. there were lost of little kids whos after awhile got bored so i tried to make some 'fun games' but since they were too small ergo were too shy to participate and everything turned out to be rather pointless...and i had so many little give aways for the games. But we managed to play pass the parcel game but utterly failed on other games.At the end of the day i felt embarrassed and felt like a total loser. but i sincerely hoped that all my guest were happy and content especially with the food..*wink* i know i can't fail at that!

We had Nasi Dagang and Soto Ayam as main dish. and Sandwiches, mini bite sized pizza which i was not able to take any of its picture, decorative cuppies, tartlets, cocktail kebab which is cocktail sausage with some seafood balls skwered in a stick. We budgetted the food for about 50 people and of course there were few no show so we do have quite a bit of left overs....and i think if they all came we'll have the food cleaned out and wouldn't that be swell?


Hello guys,

Great news, FOOD FEST is back! and i hope there will be more contestants this time coz again there's prizes to be won!!

This time the theme will be PARTY food so it could be some fun snacks or food for birthdays or cakes or desserts or even a baked macaroni with some fun twist or what not so long its a PARTY food. Food that fit for a PARTY. What party? well any kind of party birthdays (kids or adults), wedding, baby showers,tea party what ever guys don't ask too much questions it could be sweet or savory up to you and you may enter as many times you'd like but the CARDINAL ruleS are the same (as before) YOU MUST POST THE 'FOOD FEST' LOGO is you're entering the competition a mere message telling me that you're entering is not enough.




  1. Put your thinking caps and be creative and create a delicious recipe...
  2. Be creative on your presentation as you'll be judge on this point...
  3. take a nice picture, use backdrops or props to enhance your food presentation...
  4. everybody who is anybody can enter this competition...not only for MALAYSIAN but also for people from all over the world are welcome to join
  5. and the rest its all the same with the previous food fest competition...(refer the previous competition entry)
    DUE DATE: 30th march!!!! <--- (this should gives ample time right?) any question...please ask at the shout out box.. and like wise if interested drop me a comment and leave me your URL and don't forget to post the food fest logo... AND LET THE BEST COOK WINS!!!!

Important rule:
  • PLEASE COPY ANY PASTE THIS LOGO AT YOUR ENTRY!! any entry that have not paste the logo will be disqualified
The winners (yes WINNERS...which means there's be a runner up) will win a gorgeous vintage hand beaded boutique style dinner bag, a beautifully carved mother of pearl accessories...all exclusively for the winners of this competition .
you could win this....
look at that detailing...nice huh?

The accessories...i have the picture but unfortunately i'm having trouble transferring it to my desktop. apparently my cable went zonkers coz my dotter suck on its usb end...*rolled eyes* well at least thats what my hubby told me...

***the organizer reserves the right at any time to withdraw,cancel or amend the terms and conditions of this competition.

Moulin Rouge Sandwich

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This happens to be my 'hentam' recipe (hentam= made up). Hubby was already bored eating the same thing every morning so as i look for something or some leftovers for me to make a sandwich and it turned out i still have the turkey ham i bought last week. took out some cheese and egg and bread. I would usually toast the bread then fried the eggs then assemble everything and make a sandwich. but this time i feel like i want to make something different and just last night i saw the 'chef at home' and he made turkey roast or sumthing with a cranberry sauce and that kindda inspire me to make this yummy treat in the morning...

And since i want my son to eat (my son has suddenly become a very pickky eater) i thought of making french toast... while i'm at it i though i make the sandwich for hubby too so 2 birds with 1 stone...

here's the recipe:
2 pcs bread
1 egg
2pcs turkey ham or breakfast beef or what ever filling you want to use its fine..
2 pcs cheese
cranberry sauce or starwberry jams or marmalade also OK
salt and pepper to taste
a bit of butter for frying

  1. toast the bread before hand.
  2. break the egg and season it with salt and pepper to taste
  3. then dip the toasted bread in the egg and fry as you would for making a french toast
  4. when frying, add the cheese slice then the turkey ham on the top side of the toast. MAKE sure that you are cooking and a med to low heat coz we don't want to burn the toast.
  5. then dip another toast in the egg and add in the sandwich fillings - turkey ham then cheese then the toast and top it ontop of the 1st toast sandwiching it together.
  6. then carefully flip the toast (ahh~ this may take some practice) cook until all done
  7. dust some powdered sugar and serve it with cranberry sauce.( my sauce is out of the jar sauce bought from Ikea) <-- i know i know it sounded wierd putting sweet stuff into a savory dish but being a Kelantanese we love sweet stuff (for God sake we eat curry with sugar!) and i don't think that its that wierd coz the ang mo also eat the turkey with cranberry sauce what...so OK laaa~ =p
the sandwiching action while still frying the toast will make the cheese melt and thus binds all the fillings together yummmmmmmmmm~ hubby loves it! and it may not be good for those whos on diet tho...

I named it moulin Rouge sandwich coz it uses french toast (get it 'french' moulin rouge..?) and it is also serve with something red (rouge means red) aka the cranberry sauce altho there's no winmill involved in this recipe...=p oh yeah and also Astro was playing this movie when i was making this ^_^