Woman's Weekly: Chocolate Temptations

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I know i've been MIA in the blog world...in fact i've been MIA in the internet world for some time now *awkward smile* ermmm been busy with Eid, then i had company training in Singapore ( i was recently recruited) for about a week then i had to rush finish my MBA assignment and in between i had to cater for our office presentation for JKR (one of Malaysian Government body). well i didn't cook or anything i just out sourced it and it was only for 60 people. i don't have the time to do it all on my own *sigh* but anyway from my 'break' i'm still lazy to cook...oh yeah did i mentioned that i had food poisoning and still recovering? yeah there's that too.

heheehhe and with all that i'm still in the LAZY mood so for this N3 i'd like to feature a  couple of recipes from Women's Magazine Malaysian edition May 2010. I've tried it and its WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC! heeheh well simply put I liked it and my family loves it too so I thought that it is worth mentioning/ recommending it here. if you have the magazine, by all means try it other wise have a looksie here I've scanned it and i'm posting it here hehehe (it really shows that i am that lazy) lol