the day where my little brother got married...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

for my foreign readers, this is how the Malays got married...mmmm i think i've explained before that before a couple got married they need to be engaged first and there will be an engagement party with a custom of exchange gifts called 'hantaran'. the 'hantaran' rule is that the female must provide more gifts than the male and it has to be in odd numbers example 5-7 or 7-9....but for this entry i didn't have any 'hantaran' pictures (long story).

anyway during the engagement party both family will discuss about the dates for their receptions and the actual wedding day also the setting of the number of the 'hantaran' to be given during the wedding day itself. in some culture each family will recite a poem of some sort regarding the event and they will respond to each other poems but for us we skip that part and kept our event simple.

in this entry it is my brother's wife's reception reception ceremony (its the wife's side reception am i even explaining this right? tsk...anyway) it was held in dewan Felda Perdana, KL
it was a simple and sweet ceremony with 600 guests. yes yes...for you foreigners 600 people is a lot but for us malays its a fair number...we usually have 1000-3000 guests...especially when held at the comfort of our home! i think mine was almost 3000 people attended (got a pile of wedding gifts and 5 years later i still have them wrapped un open under my staircase)

in a way its like celeb's wedding huh? with lots off people attending heheheh~ but thats the culture here! and the cost is not cheap either...if you don't have a minimum of 20k-30k you can't have your can get married but not a proper reception...
anyway....heres some of the moments captured by me from my lil brother's wedding.

and now our family is finally complete....we're one BIG HAPPY FAMILY....
May Allah Bless you newly weds and be happily ever after....

Eazy Baked Salmon with thyme

one hell of a gorgeous dish!

i personally think that this is the simplest way to bake Salmon. and thyme and lemon is the perfect combination for baking salmon, they work really well. i baked these lovely salmon for our 'healthy' cook out last week but it somehow turned out not so healthy coz some of us keep asking the usual menu like gravy and adding other certain 'not so healthy ingredients.

i was in charge for the Salmon, my sister was in charge of the saute veges, my brother in law was in charge of baked Cod (which turned out execellent by the way) brother was responsible for the desserts (he made jello)

if was a fun family event. all of us was there ...oh did i mention that my lil brother just got married? yes he did last thursday...our side of reception is this saturday...i'll upload their pictures later in a different entry.

anyway enuf chatter, heres the BAKED SALMON recipe..

what you need:-

4 large salmon cuts
1 sprig of thyme
salt to taste
black pepper to taste
juice of a whole lemon
1 tbsp lemon zest
1 tbsp olive oil

clean the salmon meat and just rub all the ingredients evenly then sprinkle the lemon zest and let it sit just a few minutes then bake for about 12-15 minutes at 200c. you'll know that your fish is done when they became flakey but becareful not to over bake them or they'll be dry. check on them but fish usually doesnt take much time to cook.

then you may serve them as it is (like i did) or place them in a fancy serving plate.

this recipe will be even more complete if you have hollendaise sauce (is that how you spell it?)...


this is the saute vege my sister made

the baked cod - i have no idea what my brother in law put in it

BBQ chicken - my brother in law made, i think theres bird eye chilies, crushed garlic, honey, curry leaves and salt to taste - it was great!

this is the unhealthy part where we had homemade mash potatoes infused mayonese and garlic gravy with cream...
who can resist the gorgeous food??
and thats my children...who ate aLOT of the served FOOD...