Uric Acid attack: how do you prepare food for ppl with this problem?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i know i haven't been blogging much lately...it just because i was so bz with something else and that something else is mostly my hubby. he had kidney stone, operated and now recovering at home. with this the good doctor gave me a long list of NO NOs to keep uric acid at bay.

what happen:
well one fatefull night, i've been woken up by my daughter asking for milk. then as i was just trying to go back to sleep, hubby kindda slap me on my forearm and i was like ouch! what was that for? then i saw his face in the dim light (mm macam tulis novel la plak) he looked funny but i can tell that he was in pain. i asked him whats wrong? another gastric attack? he was just moaning in pain then i ran dwn stairs and look for bascopan and a gastric pills (yes doctors gave him pills and yes he had several gastric attacks for the past months) but it didn't helped at all.

he said i need to go to the hospital i cannot stand it anymore. then i looked at my sleeping children thinking "gosh, how am i gonnal carry and bring them all?" my parents was not around at the time but lucky for my my younger brother was at home neahe by. called him for help...and this was around 3:45am or something.

so they went to the hospital and half an hour later my brother called telling me that husband have to be admitted and apparently the M.O gave him 2 concoction of pain killer and THAT didn't help with the pain. so they did the scan and saw the 3mm stone trying to pass its was out. you see 3mm is big for a stone coz our kidney ureter?(salur pundi) is only 2mm in size so according to the doctor thats why its so painful. hubby thought that he's about to die and frankly speaking i never knew that kidney stone ia a painful disease. anyway....so the very next morning he had to do the operation - a non abrasive one, thank God...but with all this the hard part is controlling the uric acid

my husband uric acid is 500 and thats VERY high! hmmmm....and apparently he can't eat

  • meat - beef & muttons
  • all kinds or beans and nuts especially soy which includes soy sauce <---teruk lah
  • ikan bilis/anchovies, sardines
  • shell fish: clams,cockles, crabs even squids
  • meat extracts - gravies, stocks
  • cauliflowers
  • spinach
  • cabbage
  • all sorts of nuts
and the list went on and on and on...and i was like this is crazy shit....and now i'm having hard time cooking...*frowns* chicken he can eat them but must be in moderate but best to stay away. thats what the doctor said when i asked him last week.

so i am begging anyof you who had the same or similar experience to advice me on the food, perhaps sharing with me some recipes? i really need some help here *banging head on the wall*

thanks...any tips shared is greatlt appreciated!