My Fave Products (Food & things alike)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Salam Ramadhan my Muslim friends. i know i should probably post about ramadhan dish or desserts...the truth is that this ramadhan i feel so lazy to cook, that and also because i am now house sitting for my parents....its one of those thing when you're not in your own turf you just don't have the mood (well mainly coz i'm not familiar with mom's kitchen equipment since she renovate her kitchen a while ago)

So anyway for this N3 i thought that i just share with you my favorite products...products that we keep buying coz we love it (rather than keep this blog idle for a month)....ok the 1st on the list is :

First Pride Chicken Nugget (obviously this is not my pic credit to the owner) i love this nugget its exactly like McD's nuggets...its by Mac Food Services and when i search the net, i think it has something to do with McDonals...i believe it coz the nugget is EXACTLY like it! so don't buy your nuggets @ McD buy these uncooked ones..its cheaper!

Beryl's Chocolate Compound. I love Beryl's chocolate for cooking and for eating! they are Good quality chocolate. For cooking/baking they make your food taste better and their retail chocolates are extensive too (i live near its factory) and i've tried all of its production i love it....they sell it about 10% cheaper @ their factory so perhaps if you are interested you can drop by. They have 2 factories one in Seri Kembangan and the other (new factory) is in Bangi. They also have a chocolate house in KL.Another plus side is its Malaysian !
p/s: compare to the commercial cooking chocolate Tulip, Beryl's are way better!

Kenwood mixer. I absolutely love this mixer/brand as it is sturdy! I have exactly like this one at home and once it fell of the kitchen counter while i was kneading/mixing bread mixture. i think its a good 2.5 feet - 3 feet high fall. i almost cried and panicked, it only suffers from a hairline crack but it is still working as it is suppose to be, thank God! its still my trusted Betty i love it!
Tatura Butter (unsalted). This is probably the best butter I've ever consumed. its creamy and light at the same just have to try to know what i'm talking about. Unfortunately i only use this butter on special occasion as it is freaking expensive for a daily baking routine. But i do have a fall back butter....that is quite OK and way far cheaper in some shops they were sold only RM2.9 but in average it is more or less RM3.50 still way more cheaper than tatura that sells around RM10 and above

Saf Instant Yeast. This is probably the best instant yeast ever! it never failed me before and its really fast acting yeast unlike Mauripan which is also Ok but i find it takes more time than saf instant. My bread always looks fluffy and soft, yes i always look for this brand when ever i want to bake bread

ok i guess thats all for sandpaper throat is killing me and i think i need to rest or take a nap or something....*sigh* so bye for now...