USB problem

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I've got loads of pictures and stories to show and tell but my computer suddenly did not recognize my USB device from my phone.I wonder why?..*pondering away* All those pictures...*long sigh~* and i can't upload it here, such a drag. Anyway I'm staying at my in law's house as they were away so its our duty to 'guard' the house and keep my sister in law company (otherwise she'd be all alone in the big big house) whom by the way is now a full fledged Magistrate...Have to call her "Puan A..." =p she seem to REALLY enjoy her work altho she kept complaining about the hassel that she have to go through is somebody ended up 'dead' in police custody...(coz this will give her the extra work to do) she hated that coz its gross coz she would have to see the dead body...lucky for her that she rarely get such cases (probably coz she's new) she would usually get traffic cases or theft or robbery etc...and she did sentance a felon and that fella went online and search for her in friendster and face book...then added her. what a sister in law was naturally furious with that action and denied the request but i think she's secretly flattered =p but who knows...

she's been working only for a month and she already have 'funny' stories to tell. My sister in law...she may look cute and pretty and sweet and may also acted cute and childish when not working but when she puts on those robe and steps into her chambers i tell'd hope that you won't get her as your judge (if you're guilty and also if your a new lawyer) coz she's very fierce, and don't ever treat her as if she is ignorant about the law as that would be a big great mistake. But if you see her off duty, you wouldn' even know that she's a judge and if you do she'd be the funckiest judge ever....*i think* *lol*

anyway.........*paused*......mmm i hope its ok to rant about her in in peace coz only those who know me personally would know her...=p...anyway CONGRATULATION on your new job 'Puan A...' ;-p keep up the good work!