North Indian: Chicken Masala, Shish Kebob & Tomato Curry Gravy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tonite I'm in the mood of the Northern Indian Cuisine, thought of going out for dinner but i think the price of these Northern Indian food is way over the top so I wanna make some on my own but i couldn't find any recipe that I like or at least ones that I'm missing ( the food that i used to eat when i was studying in the UK) so I whipped my own masala dish...and it turned out superb! better than i expected even my son had his 3rd helpings...and for the first time in this house, we finished it all and that rarely happen coz my hubby is a small eater...
so here's the recipe...

Masala Chicken:
2 quarter chicken
2 tbs of generous Sour Cream (you can use plain yogurt)
salt to taste
1tsp ground cumin
1tsp ground corriander
1 tsp of freshly ground black pepper
1tsp grated ginger
1tsp paprika
2 tsp garam masala
1tsp chili powder <--(i didn't add this coz i dun haf any but i think it'll really add some color to it)

  • add all ingredients mix well and marinade the chicken minimum of 1 hour but its best over night
  • when done grill the chicken, you can also roast it but i think grilling will give much better result. ( i don't have grill so i roast it for a while then i fry it just to crisp the surface a little)

Shish kebob
350g minced meat
1tsp garam masala
11/2tsp sour cream
a pinch of ground cumin and corriander
1tsp tumeric powder
salt to taste
some ghee for frying
  • mix all ingridents in the minced meat.
  • tradisionally you should mould it into a sausage like thingie on a skewer but i have non of it so i just mould it like a little tiny burger
  • fry it in a little of ghee until your desired done-ness

Tomato curry:
1 large tomato - blended
1/2 large onion - blended
1clove garlic - blended
1/2 large onion - diced
1tbsp tomato kechup
salt to taste
sugar to taste
120ml of heavy cream
1/2c water
1tbsp of ghee
1tbsp vege oil
1tbsp curry powder
1tsp garam masala
1tsp ground cumin
1 small stick of cinnamon
  • Saute all blended items with ghee & oil until its reduced a little then add in the spices (cumin, garam masala,cinnamon and curry powder). cook further until fragrant then add in the diced onions and the tomato kechup.
  • then add in heavy cream, stir well in a medium heat. if the curry is too thick to your liking, add in water. (i add some water).
  • Add salt and sugar to taste
so that's basically our dinner for tonite...

And the winner for the FOOD FEST contest is.....

wah its hard to choose...coz you guys are so creative and such an excellent baker! but you gotta do what you gotta do...right? after much consideration and evaluation i simply can't decide...*sigh* its today i finally made up my mind and will announce the winners...yes i said winnerS ^_^
Drum roll please....

The winner is....Daybab for her creative butterfly birthday cake!!! CONGRATULATIONS

Here's the award
Please the grand winner pick up the award...^_^

for those who didn't win...don't give up there's always next time!! and for the record i also love mat gebu's cake its simple yet presentable worthy for any dinner party, and lydia's cheese tart was nicely done its like mini new york cheese cake bite size! and kak ummie i know its a lot of effort making decorative cuppies my son loved it he said 'comei la mommy, daniel nak' and cuppies is alway fun to make and eat...and mamafami your buttercake is ever so simple yet you manage to give it a wonderful rainbow look so it'll be fun and appertizing for any children to eat, although i am a little bit dissapointed as i'm hoping for something more than a buttercake (coz i know you're an excellent baker!)...but its still a good entry. Better luck next time guys...

and guys, if you want hadiah saguhati....please email me your mailing address at especially for daybab email me your address so that i can mail you your prize!!!