Clarified Butter

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what is clarified butter:-

how to clarified butter:-

hope this video helps...

I-Flapp Technology

An interesting piece of technology that i came across, its very convenient to us so called tech savy people =p well at least to people who have and use PC. why i say its cool? is because this device enable us (PC /laptop users) to lighten the burden of PC having heavy applications which eventually make the PC slow etc, it lower the risk of having viruses and other PC related complications that may cause our PC to be infected with viruses or slowing it down or even crashing...we are able to install application into the device instead of the PC itself and in addition to that, with the device we may carry it anywhere and everywhere - portable and then use OTHER computer/laptop etc and make that computer as if its our own!

then after using it, it will save all your work and protect your PC by removing all traces of your activity from it. then when you wanted to use it again just plug it in and it will sync your mails and other application in just seconds. COOL huh?

I actually bought 2 (we bought it in Singapore) so that both my husband and i can use and have the advantage of the technology. really cool and convenient especially when you have work presentations its handy.

As you can see i am very excited about this product, i love it! although i'm not sure if the product has reach Malaysia, but i know a person who can get the product. so if you are interested please leave me your email address and i'll be happy to forward you the person in charge.(i can't simply give out his number openly in the net hope you understand)

Benefits of i-Flapp technology:-
to individual user (like me)
1) Portable companion
 2) Carrying your profile, mails and apps
 3) Works with mobile phones / digital cameras!
4) Easy maintenance of PC
5) Eliminate conflicts of applications
6) Ability to be portable and mobile
7) Improved security
8) No permanent writing into the registry and
installation of unnecessary DLLs and system
files which corrupts and slows down the PC

Corporate / IT Directors


1) Better management of IT resources
2) OS Migration without need to reinstall legacy apps
3) Easy maintenance of IT resources
4) Easy support for mobile workforce
5) Fast software distribution for new/upgrading apps
6) Save on IT staff turnaround,
reduce support requests
7) Improved security as users will be able to have
access to their applications without the need
to install applications

Developers / ISVs


1) Eliminate risks and conflicts with other apps
2) No installation of software required
3) Eliminate software duplication
4) Reduce support costs as there is a reduction in
dependancies and installation needed.
5) No permanent modification to system registry.

i am really pleased with this device (saved me alot of PC troubles)...2 thumbs up for i-flapp