Seri Kaya - Pandanus Coconut milk jem

Saturday, February 21, 2009

to be totally honest...i haven't been 'cooking' or 'baking' for days now. mostly its because of the wedding that i'm trying to organize *argh~ its such a headache!* and my mom...she's really fickle about things especially the wedding favors...major headache for that one...but i think i understand why she's fickle, mainly coz of the price things doesn't come cheap these days and we need to give away favors to about estimation of 500 guests! and the price reduction for 500pax is not much unless its 1000pax or more and who do they think we are? celebraties?politicians?tv persoanlities? i mean even US celebs didn't have that much guests for their weddings...unless you're lady Diana right? or somesort of celebrated royalty or something...

anyway...i just let mom decide on that n do her thing i'll just decorate it afterwards...*just hope that afterwards is not too after*

so this recipe i made myself with my own estimation after being told by my mom about whats actually in the store bought kaya jem...and i've made this last month i think *ponder* mmm i think i'm posting this recipe today as its in my picture bank =P (pictures that i've taken/collected and have yet to publish it here)

I like this recipe very much (not because i made it myself) because it didn't use any corn starch or flour or any other thickener and it last almost 2 months now *yeah i experiment with it about the expiry* kept in a glass jar in a fridge, still tasted good and no signs of deterioration...

500g sugar
4large eggs
500ml coconut milk
4pcs of pandanus leaves/ screwpine leaves -knoted
1/2tsp of salt

  1. for a long lasting coconut milk, heat it until simmers then set a side.
  2. Divide sugar into 2 parts.
  3. teh 1st part of sugar is to be caramelized with gentle heat.
  4. once caramelized, add in the other part of sugar into the caramel.
  5. mix well then reduce the heat or if the heat is too hot remove from it for awhile.
  6. then in another bowl mix the coconut milk, eggs and salt together
  7. then add in teh coconut mixture into the caramel little by little while mixing to avoid teh eggs from scrambleing (if it does don't worry we can still save it)
  8. once you pour in all the coconut mixture in back to the fire and stir the mixture until its well thicken. then remove from heat and pour into your glass jar and let it cool
  9. the mixture will harden slightly once cooled...its like custard...its a matter of fact i think it is custard....
* if you should ever scrambled the eggs while mixing it with teh caramel, you can later blend it smooth and then continue cooking...*wink* don't waste still can be saved.
** if you think you'd like to reduce the sweetness by all means..but don't reduce it too much as it will effect the thickness of the custard/jem.

if you're wondering about the can buy it at Metrojaya or Isetan