Chicken Jalfrezi recipe

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicken Jalfrezi

this is actually a Northern Indian food that is actually very famous in the UK. My batch mates once told me like tikka masala, this too is considered as the Brit's national dish... Since my husband and I was educated in the UK there will be a time where we would reminisce our student days *day dreaming* sigh~
anyway...this dish does reminds us of the UK so perhaps its true that its their national dish...
This dish is very simple and easy to make. Your KEY ingredients are natural yogurt, masala spice and bell peppers. The yogurt give the dish its sour note and at the same time tenderized the chicken meat. Masala spice is a must and so does the bell peppers as both will give the dish the wonderful aroma. The coriander leaves are optional but i love to have loads of it coz its so fragrent - i simply LOVE it.

anyway here's the recipe:
3-4 large chicken breast meat - cubed
1 small tub of 200ml natural yogurt
1 green bell peppers - cut in chunks - you can use combination of yellow and red for some colors
1 large bombay onion
2 clove of garlic - just crack it but basically keep it whole
salt to taste
3tbsp tomato puree
2large ripe tomatoes - cut into cube
coriander leaves for garnishing
**some bird's eye chili-mashed*** this is optional, but frankly i think this dish taste best HOT!
for marinade:
1/2 of the yogurt
masala spice - store bought at supermarket
salt to taste
1tsp sugar
2tsp paprika

>>>Mix all the marinade ingredients and marinade the chicken for about 15 minutes or so. set a side.
>>>Then mix all veges with the other 1/2 of the yogurt , set a side.
>>>You can use ghee for a more fragrant feel but olive oil or what ever oil you have is just fine too. heat the oil then saute the cubed tomatoes and tomato puree. keep cooking it until it become some what like a paste (naik minyak kot) then add in the marinated chicken. cook until the chicken almost cooked through then add in the veges. keep cooking until the chicken is cooked thoroughly.

what i would do..
>>>>I would separate the coriander leaves and its stick (batang) then i'd add in the stick in the dish while i'm still cooking it.
>>>You can actually substitute yogurt with sour cream.
>>You can eat this with a nice steamy hot rice of with naan bread
> You can actually make your own blend of garam masala spice if you can't find the pre mixed.