Kuih Ketayap / Kuih Gulung

Saturday, September 27, 2008

this is one of the tradisional kuih / dessert. Rolled pancake with palm sugar coconut flakes filling. This recipe i got from Mat Gebu's blog http://tiffinbiru.blogspot.com/ <-- you can find it there under kuih muih. Thanx ya MG, everyone loves this kuih even those who never liked this sort of kuih loves it...the pancake texture is different than that of the store bought kuih.

so check the recipe out (i'm a tad bit lazy to re-type). Thanx again MG!

My attempt on making swiss roll - not successful

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Have you ever tried making a cake and it didn't turned out just right...or lopsided or texture problem or any other problem that may rise when making a cake???

well don't ya worry...i occasionally have that problem, not always an excellent baker...especially when it comes to sponge cake...like the above...i was trying to make a swiss roll with fresh cream and strawberry bits... but everything went wrong and here's why...

  1. i used wrong baking tin which made it thinner and shorter than it supposed to be
  2. as for the filling, i forgot to add in gelatin so the fillings did not hold as it supposed to be
Taste wise; cake: surprisingly not bad only its kinda chewy and not too sweet for a cake (my son loves it so who cares) , fillings: regardless of the gelatin, its still taste good.

not too worry i shall make another attempt on making the swiss roll and this time i'll make it right!!!

Food Fest: Pertandingan Juadah Hari Raya...

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been thinking...coz lately i've been browsing at Indonesian blogs and they have Indonesian foodie bloggers community and they do stuff i mean activities amongst themselves and i thought that's fun so i came out with this idea of a competition that we can do it once in awhile just for fun. but then the thing about competition is that you need a prize...so the question is SHOULD THE PRIZE BE PHYSICAL OR VIRTUAL? i honestly prefer to give physical prize but that will cost money but if its a virtual prize, then would it encourage people to enter the competition???

mmmm... yeah been thinking about that since yesterday...and i think we should give both physical n virtual Prize... so for starters i'll try to get the prize just to get the ball rolling...(and i'm feeling a tad bit generous) so here it is...

I cordially inviting all MALAYSIAN FOODIE BLOGGERS to join this competition starting from today 22/09/2008 and the judgement will be out by the 5thOctober08. The competition will be judge by:

  1. the food presentation
  2. the recipe
  3. creativity
theme: Juadah Hari Raya (this could be anything from desserts to main course)<-- so take this opportunity to cook during hari raya with the up most creativity snap some pictures and post it in your blog!!

To enter this competition:
Please leave your blog address at the comment box in this entry so that i may visit your blog...

The Prize:
I haven't figure it out just yet.. but it'll be something to do with kitchen ware...unless said otherwise.(mahal murah hadiah bergantung pada budget hehehe~ jangan marah)

So tunggu apa lagi...join la...!!!!