MidNIGHT snack

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

this is the underused bread maker its still new, i got it thru my bonuslink card redemption

you know....last night hubby was hungry and i was not feeling very well (plus i was busy blogging =p) i have no mood for cooking in the middle of the night (come on its almost past midnight already at the time..gimme a break!) he was like little mouse trying to search for some food or any left overs and apparently we were out of bread, fruits, or any snacks to binge on (my new policy no snacks for my new so called diet program ) *lol* so hubby desprately asked me for our bread maker - i had this since last year but i dunno how to use it tried to make some breads but didn't turned out right i ended up making it old school each time! (i followed the instructions but i just dun understand it...somebody teach me PLEASE!) so i told him that its in the far behind the depth of my cubboard storage hheeh~(oh the dissapointment...~)

and hubby make a small loaf for him to snack on! and this is from someone who ALWAYS refuse to even try to cook even when i was really really sick and suprisingly it turned out better than i had ever tried in that bread maker...

funny thing is that the bread texture is nothing like bread instead its more like a cake! non the less the taste is alright - edible! that important... so for this VERY VERY RARE occassion i took the liberty to take a picture of his 'achivement' of making the cake like bread *lol*

it does look like cake right??