why we love kopitiam...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

that's my son pretending to be bored coz he wanted to go to the night market

last night i had no mood for cooking dinner so i thought of eating out at kopitiam. Its the first kopitiam ever opened in Bangi and i was told that it is co owned by Kid a guitarist from a famous local band 'Search'. But now i think its due to the success the kopitiam had now theres several more kopitiams opening in Bangi and one of it is Old Town Kopitiam.

why we love this particular kopitiam? its simply because of its ambiance. Cozy and very lepak-able...got FREE wifi summore! so the food is Okla in my opinion its nothing to shout about. We usually went there for the snacks; the classic Roti bakar with Kaya jem or the Roti Bayee with chicken curry. And for some reason i love the curry i would usually go there for the Roti bayee set, it reminds me of my childhood. my late grandma used to make me those for tea time.

Anyway last night we went there...actually i went there to eat but hubby already eated the speggethi with meatballs packed by my mom earlier (i didn't eat this coz i don't like it) i was there with my kid while hubby went to see the doctor as his sinus is acting up again. I had Curry Mee special which is OK and its 'special' coz the gravy was mixed with the assam laksa's gravy...kindda like it co i love the curry anyway and my son had Kue Tiaw soup and Alya had roti bakar (jangan marah the 9 month baby can eat tau). then i had this one dessert drink Lychee with jelly beads. the jelly beads here looks like fish eggs its funny...i didn't have much picture coz i forgot to take it but i do have the jelly beads and the kopitiam picture (no food pictures-sorry)
Don't you think that the jelly beads here looks like fish eggs???