Daniel's3rd birthday

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

last wee was my son's 3rd birthday...its embarassing coz i was trying so hard to make his birthday eventful and memorable. there were lost of little kids whos after awhile got bored so i tried to make some 'fun games' but since they were too small ergo were too shy to participate and everything turned out to be rather pointless...and i had so many little give aways for the games. But we managed to play pass the parcel game but utterly failed on other games.At the end of the day i felt embarrassed and felt like a total loser. but i sincerely hoped that all my guest were happy and content especially with the food..*wink* i know i can't fail at that!

We had Nasi Dagang and Soto Ayam as main dish. and Sandwiches, mini bite sized pizza which i was not able to take any of its picture, decorative cuppies, tartlets, cocktail kebab which is cocktail sausage with some seafood balls skwered in a stick. We budgetted the food for about 50 people and of course there were few no show so we do have quite a bit of left overs....and i think if they all came we'll have the food cleaned out and wouldn't that be swell?


Mandy said...

oh, you totally outdid yourself, everything looks fabulous! Happy Valentines Day!:)