Sugary Cloud: PAVLOVA

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

this is my first time making pavlova, and i have always wanted to make one but never really had the chance...well actually i was afraid to make it coz me n white eggs just don't get along that well...but today i have gathered my strength and make this fabulous dessert...altho the recipe was inspired by Nigella coz it was her who made me wanna make this so much. as i was watching her the other day she said (and this was her tips on making pavlova) i love putting white wine and cornstarch as it give that delicious spongieness to it. but me beinga muslim i can't drink or eat wine or any alcohol for that matter.

so i've altered the recipe to my liking hehehe~ and i hoped and prayed that it turned out right.
and wallah~ it turned out FANTASTIC!(well, at least to us) everybody loves it and it was gone in just a blink...even hubby nearly didn't get the chance to taste the dreamy cloud....>_< style="font-weight: bold;"> anyway this is what i use:
4egg whites
1/2tbsp corn starch
1tsp balsamic vinegar
4tbsp powdered sugar
1tsp vanilla essence


1 small box of whipping cream
3tbsp sugar ( i reduce to 1tbsp for mine coz i think the pavlova is already sweet)
1tsp vanilla essence
1 can fruit cocktail <---the best is to use berries : strawberries/blue berries/blackberries etc but if you don't have it or in a tight budget like me i just use fruit cocktail. whisk the egg whites until soft peaks then add in the sugar bit by bit, then sprinkle in the vinegar and vanilla essence, mix well then sprinkle in the corn starch fold it in. then on a tray line in a parchment paper then dunk it in and make a round shape about 23" of size. mine i did it using a tray (bottom part) of my spring form pan the size of 20" so my pavlova turned out thick and less crunchy. but i think if i were to use 23"tray i'll end up with a more crunchy surface. then bake the mixture in a preheated 180c oven. but you turn down the heat to 150c when putting it in the oven. bake for 20-30 mins or until all the surface are creamy brown n crisp. let it cool in the oven with the oven door slightly open. this is to prevent too much cracking. for the cream just whisk til stiff then add in the sugar and vanilla, then spread a luxurious amount on top then top it with the cocktail fruits. to those whos afraid of egg whites like me, here's some tips to make a perfect pavlova:

  • use scrupulously clean utensils (keeps them fluffy)
  • beat the whites to soft peaks before adding the sugar (keeps them from weeping)
  • add the sugar slowly (same)
  • make individual portions (keeps them from browning)
  • use enough, but not too much, initial heat, plus partial cool-down in the oven (keeps them from cracking)
  • know your oven (keeps you from freaking)
this tips are from maiapapaya. indeed pavlova is 'stupidly good'
more about pavlova at joy of bakng.


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