one interesting blog to follow

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

you know i have just stumble upon this one blog that intrigues me. and this blogger is trying to be mysterious as s/he do not reveal his or her name but what s/he has to say is kindda interesting. his/her blog is about beauty and i suppose health too and s/he write about things that actually make sense to me i mean...

her/his latest entry is about so called natural products and the presumption. it never really occur to me that 'natural' product is not necessarily be safe and from what i understand from his/her writings that a chemical substance that were copied from its natural from can still be 'natural' and safe.

and the fact that natural stuff does not keep well is very true...just like coconut milk they don't last long unless you freeze it but even so it'll taste somehow different. so logically, we need to add in preservatives in order to preserve it, correct? and we all know that preservatives are very bad for us. so it make sense well at least to me..

this alias dude is newbie in the blog world coz there were only 2 entries but i'm looking forward in his/her next entry....

if you're curious you can have a looksie at beauty private investigator and the blog name i think its very fitting too don't you think?