Mocktail: LIMEade with MINT

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

picture credit to fine living

ok first of all the above picture is not mine coz i haven't taken any picture of my Limeade with Mint...coz i'm not in the mood bla bla...but this picture is the closest as it get to describing the drink to you....well actually it look the same minus the crushed ice...BUt i promise i'll replace it with my own picture SOON...just don't hold your breath for it...=P

i just want to share this recipe with you all because its a GREAT pick me up, it soothe my sore throat and actually made me feel less tired than i should be...

i was actually downing with a fever when i feel the first sore throat coupled with fatigue (i only get fever when i have sore throat and fatigue), the flu already got my children and i can't afford to be sick as well so that is why i came up with this pick me up and it was all based on midwives stories such as lime/lemon helps with flu or sore throats or something like that ...i add in mint just because i have that laying around. then today i actually feels better and it probably because of the drink coz i've been drinking it all day yesterday. then it all make sense...

lemon/lime they contain high vitamin C and what does vitamin C do? they help to boost our immune system right? and as for the so happen that MINT have some serious healing properties such as it can soothes IBS, colic or anything to do with stomach pain/discomfort, it soothes asthma, sinus congestion, headaches and get this even coughs, sore throats and fever!

so what a combo! my pick me up became my very own home remedy...its delicious too!!
i get hubby to buy loads of lime and an extra bottle of honey yesterday so that i can keep making this 'mock-tail' as i dressed it up (otherwise hubby and the kids wouldn't even wanna try especially when there's some green bits floating around) anyway enough blabbering here's my version of LIMEADE / LIME MOCK-TAIL with mint

5 large limes that is soft to touch (the hard ones has hardly any juice)
lime zest from 3 of the above limes
honey / brown sugar to taste
1 sprigs of fresh mint finely sliced
cold water and ice (1/2 jug)
optional: 2cans of sparkling water /7ups/sprite (i use sparkling water for that mock-tail feel minus the guilt)
  1. combine lime juice, mint, ice and some water, sugar/honey then blend it until the mint is fine.
  2. transfer the mixture into a jug, pour in the sparkling water and ready to serve!

for that mock-tail feel, serve in a tall glass or a fancy glass. before pouring the drink, wet the rim of the glass and dip it into white or brown sugar then carefully pour in the drink, garnish it with a lime twist and mint leaves.

and Now you have your gourmet drink!
Be healthy, Stay Healthy, Enjoy!


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