Wednesday, March 24, 2010

today is the day that i thought of doing something random heheheh~ actually i haven't been cooking/baking as much as i should because i am rather busy preparing for my sister's wedding this April. I'm in charge of making the DIY silk flower brooch and the above is my tutorial but its in Malay. why i did it in Malay? because there's so many diy tutorials in english out there so i thought i spread some knowledge to my fellow Malaysian readers (and also to those who understand Malay language)

however i do apologize on the sound or the way this tutorial is made, its my 1st time making any tutorial plus i don't have anyone holding my camera phone so i improvise mmm~ other than that i hope you enjoy it and benefit from this tutorial.

i will (its my long dream/ angan angan on making videos about baking or cooking) somehow try to make videos on cooking or baking....but just don't hold your breath for it...d=p)