Vlogging...baking cooking video tutorials?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have always wanted to do a baking & cooking video, you know like a tutorial but its always i don't have enough time or no proper camera for video recordings bla bla bla...but now i have a decent cameras of course its not a video camera per say but its a camera capable of video recording ^_^...but now the problem is i don't have a tripod. and apparently tripod is needed for videoing to avoid shaking and also to have a focus shot?...

anyway i've been trying to make video of my latest recipe A Moroccan inspired soup with mini beef balls. the video turned out almost OK but it'll need alot of editing though... and about the dish, it is a hearty dish, its tomato based so it'll give you a warm and fuzzy feeling as you sip into every spoon of the soup... i don't know something about tomatoes that translates to warmness you know what i mean?
and you can have this soup with pasta of any kind including gnocchi. Speaking of which, i am attempting to making gnocchi but i ran out of eggs...so had to KIV it for a while.

Why i came out with such a dish, its because i'm in a 'diet' right now, hoping that by mid year next year i'll get my figure back. My diet plan is to minimized carbs as mush as i can especially rice but in a day, i allow myself to have 1/4cup of rice or pasta and thats it for the whole day! reason of the 1/4cup is so that i won't be too deprived which in the end it'll led to yo yo dieting so to speak...(well at least that's my reasoning) I am no dietitian but i think this method works, 1st of all its high protein low carb diet  and lots and lots of veges and fruits. any binging will be off fruits. my previous diet was too strict that after awhile i just couldn't stand it (lets face it we asians will FOREVER crave that little grain we call rice) that i ended up eating more than i should.

and..................i also have help for my diet this time and it will probably speed up my weight loss program i don't know but so far i think it helps coz i notice change in my 'weight' digits just after a week..i will tell you for sure what kind of help i'm getting when it is for sure works! so stay tune. but even with the 'help' you'd still have to have some control over your food intake and have some exercise at least 15 minutes a day for everyday. a quick work out and thats it that is to avoid flabs after all the weight loss (hopefully)....bla bla bla another random ramblings