Caesar salad with poached chicken

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

made Caesar salad with poached chicken for my dinner last night (actually for lunch too) but i have to say the instructions from youtube above is the easiest, tastiest way to poach your chicken!

and the broth is wonderful too its full bodied and so tasty that you save it for future use as your soup base or for noodle soups whatever coz its great! I love it...i made 4poached chicken breast that gave me about a tub of cubed chicken that you can throw in your salads or for sandwich...its just wonderful and the best part is that you can make ahead and save a lot of time preparing a quick snack.

I'm very busy lately with everything that is going on in my life...i can barely blog :} so this type of make ahead recipes are sure a saver....sooooo
i love it and its definitely a keeper!

*by the way, you can replace anchovies with a bit of 'kiub ikan bilis'/anchovies stock or 1/2 a teaspoon of fish sauce.