Sunday, July 20, 2008

The carrot cake i made and i've got 3 of them!

Today we're celebrated my dad's, younger brother's and my dearest hubby's birthday...(well actually today is my brother's birthday, my dad's was on the 15th and hubby's was on the 17th) but we combined it all in one.

so i've cooked and baked the entire dinner for our family plus a special guest from Australia, Susan lantern (Sue) she's actually on business trip. She sells collagen - Ovine collagen and you wouldn't believe how beautiful she is considering that she's 60...yes 60 and she's proud of it! i mean she didn't have that insanely young sking i.e the kind that people would instantly thought that it was 'made' up (botox or cosmetic surgery) but she does have that glow, the fresh look on her face. I asked her how do you take care of your skin? she said 'i'm a very simple person the 3 basics (cleansing, toning and moisturizing) plus night cream and water.' then she added 'but my products all have collagen but i find myself to falling in love with serum it absorb better than ordinary moisturizers' and i was like go figure...

anyway i'm very very tired today, woke up at 7am, been cooking until 8pm then dinner starts at 8.30pm. *roll eyes* yeah you can imagine my legs are hurting...

my menu was:

  1. Garlic bread
  2. Baked Potatoes
  3. Salads
  4. BBQ chicken wings
  5. Steaks with mushroom gravy
  6. Baked Lobster with cheese and beef bacon
  7. Nasi lemak (this is our tradisional dish -rice cooked with coconut milk eated with sambal, cucumber, peanuts and anchovies which we usually eat for breakfast but now is more popular during the evening)
  8. mini Tramisu - 6 servings
  9. 3 Carrot Cakes
  10. 3 Devil Food Cakes
  11. Ice Cream bombes
  12. Strudels
  13. Punch drink
  14. Coffee and tea
yeah...its a beautiful gourmet dinner i must say but i didn't really get the chance to put my dishes for a photo session but i managed to snap a few tho...i really i wish i could snap pictures all of those food but i was too busy conducting 'orchestra' in my kitchen. argh what a waste. Sue was suprised to know that i cooked all of that from scratch and non the less very pleased and she felt honored to be invited to our home for such wonderful dinner. She ate everything i've made and i mean EVERYTHING. she ate and tried everything i myself pleased (that somebody likes my cooking ;) ) even my family was suprised especially my dad coz he never thought that i can pull off such thing. i just stod there and smiled until my face hurt....hehehe you can see how proud i am hehehe and my mom (she her self is or was herself a pastry chef) whispered to me oh now i can hand you my hat...that really ment alot coming from her.

awww~ my internet connection is having its down time (whatever that means) i tried to upload my pictures but it i'll update this post later so there'll be more pictures soom ;)

This was before i dress the carrot cake.

all 3 of 'em dressed

Sugarless Devil Food cake for dad

For brother
hubby'sLobsters that i've sacrificed :D

Cleaned it and split it in 2 (boy that's the tough part, splitting it in 2 )

Made the beef bacon and cheese stuffings, warpped it and kept it until dinner time. and i don't have the cooked pictures sorry... :} guess i'll just have to leave you with your imagination ;)

At this point i've forgotten the whipped cream and strawberry garnishing (which i'm glad coz we had some left overs, otherwise it'll be damp) so i went to the kitchen whipped some cream, diced the strawberries and serve it in a small bowl.(that turned out well)

and that's about all the pictures i have what ashame! i know i regret it. i'll post the recipes later coz right now i have somewhere else to be.

on the left; my brother, mom, Sue, me (yes i am Fat not pregnant :/ and the dress didn't do me justice either) and my dad