Ice Cream Bomb

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ice Cream Bomb

aaaa~ this is something that i recommend everyone to try and do when they have some time in their hands and when you want to cook to impress.... :D

I got this from one of the food blog i can't remember which but i've tried and tested its definately a crowd pleaser and don't be suprised if its the talk of the day dessert. Its really easy to do. If you're a lazy ass (like me) you can just choose 2 of you're fave ice creams and simply do the presentation. or if you're really extreemely 'in the mood' to do something on your own..then this is the way...

For the Ice Cream:

2tubs of Vanilla Ice Cream (slightly soften)
green tea powder
Milo powder

*For the flavour you basically can add any flavor it doesn't really matter.
for every 3 scoops of ice cream you add 1tbs of green tea powder/milo powder then mix it with a mixer (well you can add more if you like but if you're using jams be carefull not to over do it or you'll loose the creamy texture of an ice cream. then freeze it.

For the presentation:

  1. i use small sized remikins to make mini bombs. you can use any bowls its fine.
  2. lined the remikings with plastic cling wrap, making sure that you have some extra hanging off the remikins.
  3. using a slightly soften ice cream say the milo ice cream, you spread it all around the remikins but leaving a hole in the middle (so as if its a puddle). coz this is where you'll put your second ice cream i.e the green tea ice cream as the filling.
  4. after filling in the hole with the green tea ice cream,/second ice cream, wrap the ice cream and secure it while shaping it into a ball. Freeze until time to use.
  5. you may cut the bomb and serve it with some garnishing topped with mint leaves or a cherry.
p/s: for this recipe i merely use Nestle Chocolate Ice Cream and Walls Rainbowl Paddlepop ice cream..yeah i'm a lazy ars