Hantaran Cake & Wedding Cakes

Monday, July 28, 2008

its been a busy week so far... i've made two 2.5kg fondant cake for Wedding hantaran. one of them is bringing the cake to Perak tomorrow for her Akad Nikah ceremony. At first she wanted buttered cake but its not suitable since she's travelling by car to her home town, she then insist coz she said that fondant cake will be to sweet for her liking. After much consideration and persuasion she then reluctantly agreed to the fondant cake. she wanted a modern design rather then the typical 'malay' degisn that habe ribbons or table cloth etc...(i personally hate that design too)

So i decided to make a cake that inspired by an English Hat...with autumn flowers orange-brown tones. i told her about the idea and she liked it...When its done, she was so suprised to see the cake and she thought that its more beautiful than she imagined...honestly i wasn't really that satisfied but i supposed its ok considering that she ordered last minute (i was given only 2 days)...

and these are other wedding cakes using butter cream...what did i tell you a busy busy week!