Marinara Fettucinie with Lobster - My Saturday Lunch

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I woke up late coz i had a very late night watching my long due DVDs. So when i woke up that morning i felt like having something much more filling then my usual breakfast, so i decided to have brunch instead and before i knew it i've already started cooking my pasta and making the Marinara sauce. This is how i like to take my seafood with my pasta, with the richness of the tomato sweet sour flavor and the fragrant bay leaves and italian herbs oh yeah i do add a couple of table spoon of chilli sauce to add some 'zing' in it..(yeah we asian cannot run far from spiciness) just describing this makes my mouth waters *yumm* i just love this dish even if you go any italian restaurant and got your eyes crossed looking that their menus you can never go wrong with Seafood Marinara Pasta/fettucini, i know coz this is the only thing i'll order if i can't decide...

anyway...this is the recipe: (for 2 person)

what you need:-

2clove garlic - chopped
1 bombay onion - diced
1 large tomato - diced
1/2 can tomato puree
2tbs chilli sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
a dash of sugar
1 bay leaf
a dash of italian herbs
squid - cleaned and cut
prawns- clean devained
any white meat fish fillet - clean and cut to chunks (i use lemon sole fillet)
1 Lobster - cleaned and cut into half
1/2c water

How you do it:-

  1. saute garlic and onions until fragrant
  2. add in the tomato, bay leaf and italian herbs - stir for a while
  3. add in all the seafood except the lobster - stir until seafood is almost cooked
  4. add in the tomato puree, chili sauce and lobster stock- stir
  5. add in salt, pepper and sugar - simmer until the sauce is slightly thickens. - ready to serve
To Prepare the lobster:
  1. Clean lobster, put it in a deep stewing pot.
  2. add in the 1/2c of water
  3. if you like you can add in a dash of salt
  4. close the lid, cook for a good 20 minutes of until done.
  5. when done cut lobster to half then topped it on the fettuccine, dress it! and serve
I prepare it this way because i don't want to complicate it so much as it may loose its marvelous taste (its naturally sweet and tender flavor) so i keep it simple.
Beautifully cooked Lobster...look at the tender juicy lobster meat...yumm!


Cwynire said...

Wahh, the lobster really looks greatlah - mmg nampak juicy! Wish I have the time to try out all these lovely-looking food in your blog ... keep having to resort to the usual menu, boring betul. But I have linked your blog to mine so I can keep track of your recipes - so keep them coming ya!