Another Cupcake Pops

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

its been sometime now that i haven't updated my blog...Me,my son and my 5months old daughter are not feeling well...first my son, he had the flu then me, then my poor daughter...hearing her cough in the middle of the night breaks my heart as i feel helpless...i mean she's only 5 months old *sob sob*

anyway i'd like to wish all my fellow bloggers HAPPY FASTING! and no cheating *wink* we did anyhow celebrate our 51st Merdeka Day...but just amongst us families. I've cooked alot but i didn't manage to take pictures to all of my cookings coz i was too busy cooking... *sad* but i did took some pictures of the cupcake pops which as usual a HIT among the kids...hhehehe~

(sorry for the poor quality picture)