Fantacy Seascape Jelly

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is such a beautiful jelly to make and it taste great too. I think i'll make this as one of my dessert for Aid celebration...
For Colorful Layer:
30g Hoen Kwee flour
60g sugar
100ml coconut milk
200ml water
1/8tsp salt

  1. Bring above ingredient to boil, stiring at all times. Once it come to highboiling point, turn off heat. divide mixture into 3 portion. color each portion with your favorite color. pipe it in a ice cold water to prevent sticking. Remove the color strips once it has set.
Bottom Layer (A):
Translucent layer 1
31/2tsp jelly powder
160g sugar
800ml water
2 pandan leaves knotted/screwpine leaves

  1. Bring above ingredients to boil, discard the pandan leaves. divide mixture to 2 portion,
  2. pour in the 9" jelly round mold (i use bunt cake pan)
  3. arrange the colored strips and let jelly partially set...(so that the layers will stick together)
  4. next pour in the 2nd portion and arrange the sea coconut pulps and leave it to set(partially)
Upper Layer:
21/2tsp jelly powder
100g sugar
100ml coconut milk
350ml water
2 pandan leaves /screwpine leaves
1/4tsp salt

- Bring to boil and pour into the above jelly. let it set and serve chilled.