Onde Onde Fever

Friday, September 12, 2008

This is how the onde onde look like...unfortunately i didn't take the kuih bakar and the kuih cantik manis as i was too busy ....*sigh~*

I feel like i'm going to be sick again...*groans*Today my maid and I made over 300pcs and i lost count of onde onde (but we had a total of 70 pcks; 12pcs/pack)...you're wondering why?*weak smile* someone asked me if i can make onde onde and i said yes, then she said she wanted 70packs or 12pcs. again i said yes...(me and my BIG mouth) actually she's one of my regular customer so its hard to say no...besides she fell in love with my onde onde last year when she came to my Kenduri Kesyukuran (yeaaa coz my onde onde have flavours original, yam and rose) and called Onde onde Kemboja/Chelin (argh long story) so this year she wanted the onde onde la and as for me i have the BIG mouth and said yes...

you have no idea how tiring it is and i don't have help coz my maid have to take care of my son and baby...so i basically have to do it all by myself...now my legs feels like its going to fall apart (coz been standing to long) and my arm hurs like madness...but i still try to write this blog (that amaze me myself) She also ordered Kuih Bakar 30pcs and kuih cantik manis 30trays...and i started baking and 'gentel gentel'(ball rolling for the ond onde) from 4am (ye time sahur aku dah start menggentel klu tak tak sempat) i've managed to finish everything just in the nick of time around 4pm then the pickup guy came after that i snooze away....until break fast which i only drink syrup then continue snoozing and now i'm awak and feeling the 'love' boy i wish i can have a body massage right now!

I used to take big orders like this but now i just don't have enough helpers (coz my maid have to take care of the kids) I should've known my limits...lucky for me the money is good so i guess its worth it...