Food Fest winner??? - NEW COMPETITION

Thursday, October 9, 2008

been sometime i haven't updated this blog due to Raya.. and regarding the food fest winner, unfortunately..i have to declare that there's no winner due to technical problem ^_^ *sorry* mostly from my part why?:

  1. some complain that the due date it too short
  2. no enuf entries
so....i feel that its unfair to held a competition and yet with so much flaws...i'm sorry guys so to make it up to you i'll close this one and create another competition


THE THEME: CAKES AND BAKES (any type of cakes and bakes as long as its cake and anything thats have to be baked)
THE RULES & DETAILS: its all the same with the previous food fest competition...(refer the previous competition entry)
DUE DATE: end of this month!!!! <--- (this should gives ample time right?) any question...please ask at the shout out box.. and like wise if interested drop me a comment and leave me your URL... AND LET THE BEST COOK WINS!!!!

another new rule:
  • PLEASE COPY ANY PASTE THIS LOGO AT YOUR ENTRY!! any entry that have not paste the logo will be disqualified


Lydia said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for the invitation. Do you know about "Is My Blog Burning?" blog? You may place your blog event to attract more participants. All the best... and I will try to bake something "for you". :p