Cooking Challenges...

Monday, November 10, 2008

i've been pondering about these 'cooking' or 'baking' challenges.... what i mean by this is that i sure that we all have these particular moments when our cooking didn't turn out just right? which probably due to our baking/cooking i do face these from time to time and most of the time i don't have the solution...

So here i am begging you all who know something tips or tricks that we can use in our kitchen please do tell'll help us all... when we could compile all the tips i'll make a special post for the contributed tips so that we can all share the how about that
? good idea huh?

anyway just the other day i was trying to make a jelly layers you know the decorative jelly... made that but i still didn't know how to make the layers stick together and stay that way!
this is what i've been told to do so far:-

  1. i should let the 1st layer cool a little then pour in a piping hot jelly on to it and repeat until i've finished my layers <-0--this didn't work for me
  2. i was told to scratch the layered surface then pour the following piping hot layer <- this makes more sense but still didn't work as well altho it does work when you're making kue talam (a tradisional malay/indonesian desserts)
and now i'm out of tips to does anybody out there knows how??

ok let me just jot down all the tips that i used and been told that comes to my mind :-
  1. Too much salt in any liquid bascied recipe: just add chuncks of potatoes they'll absorb the excessive salt.
  2. to center the egg yolk in a hard boil egg: when boiling water gives a gentle simmer add in the egg then stir it until the water simmers, when it starts to have that vigorus bubbles stop stiring and let it be for another 3 minutes or so. then turn off the heat take the boiled egg and dip it in an ice cold water or better yet let it cool in a fridge. then ready to cut & serve
  3. making brownies: its best not to sieve the flour as it'll give you the dense texture as you would in a brownie
  4. cookies: always add the flour last and do not over beat the dough to ensure crisp cookies.. i think it also applies to cake for some reason. this somehow avoid the cake to crack much and prevent it to be storgy (is that even a word?) and dry.
  5. Egg whites: to have that beautiful light and fluffy egg whites, add a teaspoon of white vinegar, vanilla essence, corn starch it'll make it last longer and fluff better.
oh btw, for the next food fest challenge...i may just have a sponsor...yeah i'm excited...but the challenge and rules may be tougher this time as the prize is worth cooking for!