Make Your Own Sausage/Hot Dog

Sunday, November 30, 2008

This is how the sausage/hotdogs looks like when wrapped with the plastic wrap

It all started when hubby became allergic to chicken...we (my son and i) wanted to buy hot dogs but in the market its mostly chicken hotdogs which hubby couldn't eat so i was browsing the net searching for recipes and i finally found one good one so i owe it to Ringo from MYR. Although I've altered it to our liking ^_^ but the method is the same non the less... so here it is...

You'll need...
500g minced meat
1tsp salt
1tsp sugar
1/2tsp nutmeg
1tsp ground black pepper
1tsp oregano
1tsp Parmesan cheese
1tsp grated garlic

Cling/plastic wrap
heat proof ziplock

  1. mix all ingredients until well blend and smooth.
  2. divide the mixture into 6-8 portions (depends on how many grams you want your hotdogs be) i make a 50g hotdogs
  3. roll the mixture into a 5-6" log, then wrap neat and tightly, twist and tie a knot at each end of the hotdog.
  4. repeat until all finished. pack the wrapped hotdpgs in a heat proff ziplock.
  5. boil water in a sauce pan when it starts to simmer then put in the hotdog pack and weight it with a heavy plate or such.( the pack will float you you need to keep it down)
  6. boil in a low heat for 45mins. then let cool and you can enjoy your sausage/hotdogs as you wish ^_^
-> originally the recipe calls for potato starch about 2 tsp. but i omit it coz i wanna that PURE meaty feel heheheh~
->i haven't take any picture of the final product...i'll update soon


Cwynire said...

A must-try! Been looking for the same thing - thanx :)